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Since 2016, it has been a key tool of support for non-profit organizations and public welfare institutions in key cities where the company conducts its operations. The contest is held in 16 Russian cities..

The grant contest is held annually as part of the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. The contest is open to applications for projects that are intended for implementation within the next calendar year in only one city or region.

There is no limit set for prospective projects’ budgets. However, the principles of relevance and cost efficiency must be followed when preparing a cost estimate. The application will be deemed to have an additional competitive advantage if it is going to be co-funded or enjoy support of other companies, non-profit organizations, or public authorities.

All participants and winners of the contest are entitled to advisory assistance provided by the grant program’s coordinators.

Stages of the contest

Application submissions

All applications are to be submitted electronically. To enter in the contest, one has to either set up a new personal account or log into an existing one, complete all required fields, attach any necessary documents, and submit your completed application

Evaluation of applications

All submissions are evaluated by a contest commission. You may be asked for additional information and/or documents, as needed. All communications are to be conducted via e-mail

Picking the winners

For each city, a list of selected contest winners will be published on the website under the News section. In addition, a notification about the results of the contest will be sent to all e-mail addresses indicated in the applications

The Award Ceremonies
February 2021

Following the announcement of the contest's results, award ceremonies will be held with SIBUR's executives, government officials, and the program’s ambassadors in attendance.

Eligible project focus areas


This focus area's priority is to create a comfortable and modern environment where residents of even small towns can have access to the same variety of opportunities available in a major city. Projects like this allow people to create new objects and practices, and to transform familiar social models. As its partners, the company is engaging with government bodies, public organizations and institutions, local residents, and volunteers.

Education and science

When developing science and technical education, the company applies the principles of a systematic approach to development. The goals of the projects in this area include: development of the education infrastructure, implementation of innovative methods, stimulating students' interest and motivation to study chemistry and other natural science disciplines.


SIBUR has been providing diverse and comprehensive support for various projects aimed at promoting sports and healthy living. In the cities where the company operates, it has invested in renovating sports facilities, holding competitions and festivals in a variety of athletic disciplines, and in training and developing the qualifications of coaches and other sports specialists. Over the history of the program, its participants have accumulated a wealth of methodological and organizational experience.


A comfortable natural environment is a fundamental prerequisite for any human activity in any area. Projects of this kind contribute to maintaining biodiversity, fostering a responsible attitude to nature, and encouraging separate waste collection. Environmental projects bring together representatives of environmental organizations, enthusiasts, volunteers, and concerned citizens.


The level of culture in a city or region determines the quality of life there. SIBUR has been contributing to the development of the communities’ cultural environment, and the residents’ creative potential. It has also been making efforts to increase the city's appeal to tourists. Cultural projects have included various striking and memorable events, measures to support artistic groups, exchange of experience and training, as well as the development of new leisure and recreational opportunities for the public.


The Formula for Good Deeds program helps rally SIBUR’s employees and residents of the cities where SIBUR operates around common human values and encourages their involvement in joint volunteer projects that are important to local communities. These efforts help expand and grow the volunteering movement in Russia's regions and effect positive changes there.

A detailed list of sample project themes can be found in the document titled Focus Areas of the Formula for Good Deeds Program. Your project may not fit with these themes exactly, but it is essential that it falls within at least one of the program’s focus areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All contest applications are to be submitted only via an applicant's personal account set up on the Formula for Good Deeds program’s website. If you submitted your application via the website but did not get any acknowledgement within five business days, please notify the grant program’s coordinators.
For any questions regarding registration of a personal account or application submittal, contact a program coordinator using the e-mail address and phone number listed under the Contact Us section.
One organization can submit up to three grant contest applications and up to five applications to the contest of interregional (sponsorship) projects. Your supporting paperwork only needs to be uploaded to your personal account once, so you will not have to attach your supporting documents again.
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