Terem – Teremok: a project for teenagers and children with disabilities is under way in Tobolsk

14 may 2021

A Tobolsk-based horse-riding club Konyok Gorbunok is the venue where Equal Opportunities, Tyumen’s regional non-profit organization for people with disabilities, continues to implement its Terem-Teremok project as part of SIBUR's social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds. The aim of the project is to create an enabling environment for health-restoration activities for children with disabilities, therapeutic exercise for teenagers, and active educational pastime for younger children and families with children.

The project’s activities were initiated in February 2020. Construction of the Teremok facilities is currently underway on the grounds of the Konyok Gorbunok horse-riding club. It will house rooms for master classes and thematic classes for children, meetings and consultations with parents, as well as a change room for equestrians.

Despite the fact that construction of the Teremok building was still under way, as early as in summer of 2020 employees of the non-profit arranged group study tours for primary school students, as well as kindergarten and health camp attendees, conducted on the grounds of the Konyok Gorbunok horse-riding club in strict compliance with all required measures needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The children got acquainted with the club’s inhabitants and were offered to feed the animals and take pictures with them. They learned a lot about various horse breeds and horse coat colors, and about how to care for and feed horses.

Children with disabilities are offered to attend personalized recreational and developmental horse-riding classes or hippotherapy right there on the grounds of the equestrian club. In 2020, each child attended 10 to 15 free lessons where they worked on developing better coordination of movement, fine motor skills, and joint mobility. Classes include various gameplay elements to improve a child's psychological and emotional state. Children with speech impediments are invited to engage in gameplay activities. The project’s activities are expected to continue throughout 2021.-

We very often support projects seeking to help with the development of children with disabilities, including their social adaptation and improvement of quality of their life. This includes charitable events organized to collect gifts for children, educational and recreational events for parents, and help with buying equipment, beautification of the grounds and refurbishment of rooms in buildings housing non-profit organizations. The Terem-Teremok project is about building a new unique space on the grounds of the horse-riding club expected to make interactions with animals even more enjoyable for families with children, and to increase effectiveness of therapeutic exercises and activities, notes Elena Belskaya, Head of ZapSibNeftekhim's Government Relations Department.