Winners of a grant contest were acknowledged in Svobodny

21 march 2023

Public welfare organizations based in Svobodny and in Svobodnensky District had submitted to the Formula for Good Deeds’ contest more than 20 socially significant initiatives in the fields of culture, sports, education, science, environmental conservation, and urban development. Seven of these projects went on to be chosen as winners and get financial support from the Amur Gas Chemical Complex for their implementation in 2023.

The winners got selected with the help of the members of the Civic Council of the AGPP and AGCC projects. On Friday, March 17, Mayor Vladimir Konstantinov and Gleb Fedotov, a representative of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex, awarded the contest’s winners with diplomas and souvenirs.

It is gratifying to know that grant money goes to support the development of municipal institutions in the city of Svobodny and Svobodnensky District, unlocking young people’s creative talents, and providing assistance to socially disadvantaged groups. I wish you all the success with the implementation of your projects, so that your example would serve as an incentive for potential future entrants of the contest. I call on non-profit organizations to not doubt their abilities and remain committed to coming up with projects, winning the contest and getting the funding to implement them, Vladimir Konstantinov, Mayor of Svobodny, noted.

The winners’ certificate were awarded to:

- Children's health camp Kolosok for its project "Chemists of the Future" seeking to provide early career guidance to school students and to promote scientific knowledge. The project will offer additional training to schoolchildren to better prepare them for taking part in the regional stage of the JuniorSkill championship.

- Future Leaders, the Foundation for Supporting Talented Youths, for its project to hold an urban good neighborliness festival titled "Comfortable Svobodny". The festival’s aim is to forge a community of caring city residents. It will offer interactive platforms featuring master classes, workshops and lectures focusing on four areas: urban/Svobodny, neighborly/ Svobodny, academic/Svobodny, eco/Svobodny, as well as performances by the nation’s popular entertainers on the festival’s main stage.

- Sychevskaya secondary school for its project "The School Yard as a Childhood Place" seeking to help upgrade students' recreation areas inside the school’s schoolyard including a playground, a sports area fitted with workout equipment, an area for comfortable and active rest complete with gazebos, benches, planters, and outdoor lighting.

- Svobodny’s Pyotr Komarov House of Folk Art for its "Ice Cream Festival" project. The institution will use its grant money to hold an outdoor festival for children. The festival will feature gaming arcades, as well as entertainment and performance areas organized around the central idea of ice cream as the primary delicacy of the event.

- Novoivanovskaya secondary school for its project titled "School as A Place of Good Health". The project’s thrust is to create an enabling and comfortable environment for active recreation and various leisure activities that can be enjoyed by both children and their parents. Through joint efforts and with the support of the project’s social partners, it will be used to help install various pieces of exercise and recreation equipment including swings, outdoor fitness machines, a sandbox and a gazebo. As part of the project, the school will see its flowerbeds retrofitted with handmade yard figurines along with a gazebo installed on its grounds for recreation purposes.

- Chernovsk’s N.M. Raspopova secondary school for its project to organize a laser tag club. The club will be hosting training sessions as well as laser tag competitions of varying complexity.

-Orlinskaya secondary school for its project titled "Strength and sports from the early age in support of one’s Motherland". As part of the project, the school will build an obstacle course on its grounds to engage children in paramilitary training and athletic activities and to host paramilitary competitions for members of Svobodnensky District’s military and patriotic clubs.

On behalf of the Amur GCC project and SIBUR I would like to thank all representatives of public welfare and non-profit organizations for their commitment and initiative. Our company is known for its active support for local initiatives making it possible to identify and address important challenges that matter to the local residents. I am confident that thanks to all these interesting projects and an unyielding drive to put them into practice, we will be able to change the world around us for the better, Gleb Fedotov, head of the Government Relations Practice at Amursky Gas Chemical Complex, commented.