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The contest of volunteer projects offers employees of all SIBUR Group’s sites a chance to propose their own volunteering initiatives and secure financial support from the company in the form of a grant for a maximum amount of up to 50,000 rubles.

The contest’s goal is to

promote volunteering in the cities where the company operates, encourage the children and relatives of the company's employees to become volunteers and to implement projects that are particularly meaningful to their local communities, forge active urban communities of like-minded people organized around shared values that are supported by the company, its employees, partners, and the residents of the cities where the company has operations.

A Volunteering Project

is a range of activities implemented to address a particular community need through the efforts of volunteer groups. That is why the key role in any volunteer project is played by people who work voluntarily and pro bono.

Project topics accepted for consideration

  • improvement of public areas: parks, gardens, playgrounds, etc.
  • temporary or permanent redecoration of public buildings and spaces
  • other projects concerned with the improvement of the urban environment
Social welfare
  • helping the elderly, disabled children and adults, orphans, orphanages, child care facilities, and care homes for seniors,
  • other projects focused on supporting people in need of social care
Environmental Protection
  • projects aimed at discouraging municipal waste dumps as well as efforts toward land remediation and recultivation,
  • helping stray animals and animal shelters,
  • efforts to organize separate collection of certain types of waste (household appliances, batteries, etc.),
  • other environmental projects.
We are together
  • efforts to assist the elderly, people with reduced mobility, and medical personnel during the coronavirus pandemic,
  • other projects that can be implemented through volunteer efforts, including those that can be done remotely

Contest stages

Application submission

An entrant needs to set up a new volunteer’s personal account on the web site or log in to an existing one, complete all required fields in the application form and submit the completed application

Evaluation of applications

All submissions are evaluated by a contest commission. You may be asked for additional information and/or documents, as needed. All communications are to be conducted via e-mail

Picking the winners

Lists of selected contest winners will be published on the website under the News section. In addition, a notification about the results of the contest will be sent to all e-mail addresses indicated in the applications

Signing contracts

Following the announcement of the contest’s results, the grantor will enter into appropriate contracts with all of the winners, and all other necessary paperwork will be put together.

Online course on developing public welfare projects

The online social studies university Dobro. Universitet has put together a most impressive selection of training courses for both novice volunteers and experienced organizers of volunteer projects. The online course titled Development of Public Welfare Projects was prepared with the input from experts of the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. It will be useful for all participants of the volunteering projects’ contest.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in 2019, all applications are submitted for the contest only through a volunteer's
personal account on the Formula for Good Deeds program’s website. If you submitted
your application through our website but did not hear back from us within three business
days, please notify our program coordinators at
If you have any questions about setting up your personal account or submitting an
application, you should contact a grant program’s coordinator at
One team can enter a maximum of just two projects.
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