Interregional projects are SIBUR’s major and ambitious social initiatives that it implements working concurrently with its key partner organizations in several Russian regions. These projects seek to fundamentally transform local communities and the social environment in the cities where the company has operations.

Interregional projects are characterized by their broad scope, long-term social effect and active engagements with local communities’ representatives every step of the way. Interregional projects help the company bring together all those who contribute to effecting positive changes in the social fabric of the regions while creating opportunities for productive engagements in addressing any pressing matters.

Since 2016, more than 190 interregional projects along the key tracks have been implemented as part of the Formula for Good Deeds program. More than 2,000 events have been held within the framework of these projects, with more than 235,000 participants in attendance.

Interregional projects are selected on a competitive basis. Contest entries need to stipulate that the project will be implemented over a period of one calendar year in at least two regions where SIBUR has operations. Both non-profit organizations and commercial companies can take part in the contest. Key requirements for the applicants include: experience in implementing relevant projects, and sufficient organizational resources to meet all of their obligations.

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Stages of the contest

Application submission

To take part in the contest, an applicant needs to create a personal account on the Formula for Good Deeds program’s website, or log into one if it had been created earlier. The application form is to be filled out electronically. Participants of the contest are entitled to face-to-face consultations with, and support of, the project’s coordinator. One organization can submit no more than five applications to the contest.

Evaluation of applications

Contest applications are evaluated by members of a contest committee. As part of the evaluation process, the project’s coordinator may request additional information or materials. If the parties so agree, some project parameters (its budget, geography, timelines, format of events, etc.) can be modified. All communications are to be done by e-mail. In addition, the company may invite applicants to present an in-person defense of their projects.

Picking the winners

Feedback on the results of the contest is communicated back to each participant using the e-mail address specified in their application. Once the winners have been selected, the organizers proceed to sign contracts with them. In addition, kick-off meetings/calls are held to discuss the key aspects of the project’s implementation. Each winning project is assigned a supervisor from among the company's employees.

Eligible project focus areas

Each project submitted to the contest needs to be relevant to local communities and aligned with one or several of the areas of the Formula for Good Deeds program’s focus areas. Eligible project focus areas include:


This focus area's priority is to create a comfortable and modern environment where residents of even small towns can have access to the same variety of opportunities available in a major city. Projects like this allow people to create new objects and practices, and to transform familiar social models. As its partners, the company is engaging with government bodies, public organizations and institutions, local residents, and volunteers.

Education and Science

When developing science and technical education, the company applies the principles of a systematic approach to development. The goals of the projects in this area include: development of the education infrastructure, implementation of innovative methods, stimulating students' interest and motivation to study chemistry and other natural science disciplines.


SIBUR has been providing diverse and comprehensive support for various projects aimed at promoting sports and healthy living. In the cities where the company operates, it has invested in renovating sports facilities, holding competitions and festivals in a variety of athletic disciplines, and in training and developing the qualifications of coaches and other sports specialists. Over the history of the program, its participants have accumulated a wealth of methodological and organizational experience.

Environmental protection

A comfortable natural environment is a fundamental prerequisite for any human activity in any area. Projects of this kind contribute to maintaining biodiversity, fostering a responsible attitude to nature, and encouraging separate waste collection. Environmental projects bring together representatives of environmental organizations, enthusiasts, volunteers, and concerned citizens.


The level of culture in a city or region determines the quality of life there. SIBUR has been contributing to the development of the communities’ cultural environment, and the residents’ creative potential. It has been making efforts to increase the city's appeal to tourists. Cultural projects have included various striking and memorable events, measures to support artistic groups, exchange of experience and training, as well as the development of new leisure and recreational opportunities for the public.

A detailed list of sample project themes can be found in the rules of the grant contest. Your project may not fit with these themes exactly, but it is essential that it falls within at least one of the program’s focus areas.


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