A basketball promotion program

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SIBUR's basketball promotion projects embody the company's multifaceted approach to addressing a diverse range of socially relevant challenges: from upgrading sports infrastructure facilities to providing further training to coaches, from providing grants for buying sports equipment to setting up the company's own sports camps for young athletes from the regions. Sergey Bykov, Honored Master of Sport, SIBUR’s ambassador and leader of SIBUR’s regional basketball promotion program, is in charge of overseeing activities in this focus area. Mr. Bykov won the 2007 European Championship title as a member of Russia’s national team, and in July 2017 he joined the coaching staff of the Russian men's national team.

Refurbishment of athletic facilities

Since 2014, SIBUR has upgraded 15 sports facilities:

  • 9 indoor courts in Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast), Dzerzhinsk, Voronezh, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, Tobolsk, Togliatti, Tomsk, and Tyumen as part of a partnership with NBA.
  • 6 outdoor street basketball centers in Voronezh, Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast), Tobolsk, Perm and other.
Thanks to the upgrades and repairs done at the sports facilities, our cities are turning into basketball hubs. The efforts to create state-of-the-art world-class sports facilities have made it possible to use them for hosting sports tournaments of any level or scale and have given our cities’ residents, including SIBUR's own employees and their children, ample opportunities to enjoy basketball and pursue a healthy lifestyle. The ribbon-cutting ceremonies at the renovated courts were attended by NBA stars and legends including twin brothers Brook and Robin Lopez, Robert Horry, Muggsy Bogues, A.C .Green and Bruce Bowen who gave master classes in basketball to local children.

SIBUR’s Basketball School (the project is being implemented in partnership with the Russian Basketball Federation)

A group of basketball coaches who are on the project’s team travel to the cities where basketball courts have been revamped as part of the partnership between SIBUR and the NBA. The list of coaches in SIBUR’s Basketball School includes the likes of Nikita Morgunov, the winner of the 2007 European Championship as a member of the Russian national team and currently the head of the Russian Basketball Federation’s Professional Basketball Department, Anatoly Laptev, the most decorated coach with the Student Basketball Association, and other seasoned professionals. Their job is to select the best aspiring players during a regional selection stage for juniors under 14 and under 16 in keeping with a screening program developed by the RBF for testing basketball skills of players representing various age groups. During screening training sessions, the coaches select three basketball players from every age group in each city, who, together with their current coaches, receive invitations to attend the #SIBURCAMP summer training camp.

The camp session’s program includes basketball drills and games, general fitness workouts, exciting field trips/classes, custom-designed instructive lectures, as well as talks by celebrities both from the world of sports and outside it. In addition, at the end of the season the best of the young players will be offered an opportunity to be included in the RBF database, become members of the Golden Reserve and, if they make an appropriate effort, be put on the list of candidates for Russia’s reserve national teams.


С 2020 г. совместно с региональными центрами выявления и поддержки одаренных детей «Сириус» в городах присутствия компании ежегодно проводятся спортивные смены по баскетболу. Программы реализуются по модели федерального центра «Сириус», целью которых является выявление, поддержка и сопровождение юных талантов на пути их становления. Баскетбольные смены разработаны профильными специалистами на базе проекта «Школа баскетбола».

За время реализации партнерской программы, начиная с 2020 г., свыше 600 детей приняли участия в региональных сменах.

Educational programs for coaches

SIBUR, working together with the Russian Basketball Federation (RBF), has been providing training and professional development to children's basketball coaches and high school physical education teachers. In 2018, instructional modules for coaches were delivered in eight Russian cities.  Developed in conjunction with the RBF, the program of instruction includes two-day workshops and testing for coaches, as well as tracking of their progress.

Russia’s leading basketball coaches, as well as professors at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture and P.F. Lesgaft National State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Health (St. Petersburg) held practical training sessions on basketball throw mechanics, adjustment and improvement, dribbling techniques, ball passing, principles of personalized defense, group and team defense tactics and other nuances of basketball players' training.

After completing each of the educational modules, coaches who have successfully passed the final test were issued a Certificate of Completion of a Continuing Professional Development Course, entitling them to participating in RBF’s competitions.

A country-wide educational program Coach 2.0 was inaugurated in the fall of 2020. Training is delivered remotely and is intended for basketball coaches and physical education teachers. The program’s curriculum includes video lectures and additional materials bundled into eight modules. The training focuses on developing basketball, business and general soft skills.

The program’s website has recorded more than 5,000 visits. Training is free, and the best performers will be given an opportunity to do an internship with one of the VTB United League’s leading clubs. One can take part in the program by signing up on the на сайте 

Linking Generations

Linking Generations is a project that brings together three generations of basketball players: Vladimir Gomelsky, who joined basketball club CSKA in 1972, Nikita Morgunov, whose basketball career started in 1990, and future star athletes from SIBUR’s cities aged 10 to 14.

The project is running in 9 cities where the company operates: Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast), Voronezh, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Perm, Tobolsk, Togliatti, Tomsk, and Tyumen.

Dialogue of generations has become a symbol of continuity, which is so appreciated in the field of sports and which has enabled our nation to train whole dynasties of champions.

Veteran coaches teach young players how to perfect various techniques such as ball possession, dribbling, hoop shots, and oversee them take part in a basketball relay race. The master class ends with a mini-tournament of children and teenage teams representing different age groups.

In addition, Vladimir Gomelsky, a well-known player, coach and a sportscaster, teaches seminars for local children's coaches and master classes for the regions’ journalists on the subject of Sportscasting Preparation and Delivery Techniques.

SIBUR-Wilson eco-friendly basketball

In 2018, SIBUR teamed up with Wilson, the world's leading manufacturer of tennis and team sports gear, to produce and present the first eco-friendly basketball made using plastic from recycled bottles.

The launch of the eco-ball was held in the presence of Sergey Ivanov, Russia’s President’s Special Representative for Conservation, Ecology and Transport, Dmitry Konov, Chairman of SIBUR Holding’s Management Board, and TV presenter Ivan Urgant during the VTB United League's exhibition All Stars Game, that brought together Russia’s basketball stars, politicians, businessmen, and public figures.

In 2019, Sibur’s Wilson Ecoball underwent a standard series of rigorous tests to validate its compliance with stringent FIBA standards, including all of the parameters of the ball’s geometry and weight, its sphericity, circumference, rebound height, retention of these parameters by the ball after being bounced 20,000 times, no presence of any toxic substances in the materials used to make the ball, friction parameters, traction, etc. The Ecoball successfully passed FIBA’s certification and became the official game ball of the VTB United League’s next season.

The Ecoball is made from recycled plastic: the inner part of each ball is made using material recovered from 2.5 1.5-liter plastic bottles via a high-tech recycling process.


Since 2017, SIBUR has been helping the VTB United League with its Basketbottle environmental campaign. Special waste containers in the shape of basketball nets have been set up at the arenas hosting Russian clubs participating in the League to collect empty plastic bottles during league matches. All collected bottles are sent for recycling. The recycled plastic is then reused to produce consumer goods, packaging materials, travel items, and other popular products. This year, the project was joined by the Kontinental Hockey League as yet another partner.

The game’s ultimate ambition is to transcend the basketball arena and become an independent sport in its own right meant for people who adhere to the principles of responsible care for their homes, and their nature. A plastic bottle is not a piece of garbage, and it does not belong in a landfill, but instead it belongs in a special container for collecting recyclable plastic. The game is a way of encouraging everyone to help lend a simple plastic bottle a second lease on life.

Since 2017, more than 15 tons of plastic collected as part of the campaign have been sent to recycling.

VTB United League clubs' environmental performance

Starting with the 2021-2022 season, the VTB United League has introduced, with SIBUR's support, a new evaluation benchmark titled "The Most Environmentally Friendly Club" as part of its Marketing Championship. In addition to competing with each other in terms of turnout and ticket sales numbers, the League's clubs now also compete in the "Environmental Performance" category throughout the entire regular season by earning points in a variety of areas, from separate waste collection at their arenas to getting involved in implementing social and environmental projects with the participation of their players.

Over the past two seasons, 12 of the League's clubs have joined the environmental initiative with more than 70 events organized across Russia including weekend clean-ups, eco-classes for schoolchildren and college students, charitable visits to animal shelters, and participation in regional and federal environmental campaigns.

In the 2021/2022 season, the first Most Environmentally Friendly Club of the VTB United League title was simultaneously bestowed upon two clubs: BC Zenit (St. Petersburg) and BC PARMA (Perm). In the 2022/2023 season, the award was once again claimed by BC Zenit.

The award that is presented to its winners contains pellets of Vivilen, SIBUR's innovative polymer-based material exemplifying a project aimed at recycling end-of-life plastic.

The League and SIBUR also arrange annual environment-themed matches for the game's fans in the arena's lobby.  The 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons featured a series of environmental "Play and Separate" campaign aimed at introducing fans to the principles of sorting the most common types of waste. During the 2022/23 season, supporters of 12 clubs created a true art object dedicated to basketball and the environment that was built with the use of plastic caps.