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SIBUR has been actively involved in advancing smart volunteering by building a community of caring individuals willing to donate their knowledge, skills, and expertise to others.
Smart volunteering is a gratuitous activity whereupon an individual makes use of his or her professional competences to help others with carrying out specific assignments. SIBUR’s employees have been helping non-profit organizations that may not always be able to afford the services of external contractors capable of providing high-quality assistance in various fields of activity ranging from doing translations and performing IT tasks to implementing HR projects, or dealing with legal issues.

The ProCharity Platform

SIBUR's smart volunteers perform their assignments via the ProCharity platform that has brought together more than 790 non-profit organizations and over 4,000 volunteers. ProCharity’s modus operandi is very straightforward: a non-profit organization posts an assignment describing what kind of help it needs, expecting one of the registered volunteers to respond to it with his or her offer of assistance.

Non-profit organizations come to the platform soliciting offers for performing various assignments in the fields of marketing and communications, legal aid, strategic consulting, finance and fundraising, education and training, design and layout, IT, photo/video, and translation. Assignments may vary in terms of both their complexity and urgency. The amount of time allocated to performing a task is usually well-defined and quite reasonable, although there can also be urgent assignments sometimes.

SIBUR’s volunteers chose to join the ProCharity platform for a number of reasons:

  • nearly all volunteering jobs can be performed remotely

  • volunteers can perform activities of varying degrees of complexity and professional focus, from putting together a set of Telegram stickers or making out a contract to implementing a comprehensive rebranding program for a nonprofit organization

  • volunteers can perform tasks on their own and independently: there is no need to involve intermediaries or co-contractors, the volunteer and the nonprofit interact directly

  • for completing a task, the volunteer-in-charge gets virtual points that can be exchanged for various valuable bonuses provided by the platform’s partners


Get registered on the ProCharity platform


Decide which of the assignments you would like to take on


Choose a specific assignment and respond to it by offering you services


Wait for a response from the nonprofit organization and get down to work


When registering, please indicate in your profile that you are a SIBUR employee. Since non- profit organizations tend to prefer volunteers with a thoroughly completed profile before putting them in charge of their assignments, we recommend that you attach a profile photo, indicate your area of expertise, and provide a detailed description of your skills and experience at the time of registration.


In recognition of the active work done by its smart volunteers, SIBUR was the recipient of ProCharity’s Smart Volunteering Award in 2019, 2020, and 2021. ProCharity’s personalized awards are regularly bestowed upon the most active of SIBUR's volunteers.

Should you have any questions, please send your query to Anastasiya Kirichenko, Kristina Shipilova, Vera Ryabova и Maria Kuptsova.