Fantastic Plastic

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Fantastic Plastic is both an exhibition and an educational project being implemented by the Moscow Design Museum in its drive to encourage recycling and reuse of plastics. SIBUR has been the project’s partner since 2019.

The concept

The project includes a traveling exhibition of artworks and photographs made of recycled plastics by Russian and foreign designers, plus lectures, theme tours, master classes, and roundtables. In 2019, such events were held in Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Perm, Ufa, Tomsk, and Moscow. A new collection of exhibits was opened in Moscow in the fall of 2020, followed by the project’s launch, in 2021, in the city of Tobolsk. The exhibition features artwork by over 40 foreign and Russian designers and design studios ranging from items of jewelry, clothing and footwear to art installations made out of recycled and reclaimed plastic.

Educational program

2019 saw about 1,000 people take part in the project’s educational program. The attendees were mostly interested in the master classes and lectures given by foreign and Russian designers. Perm hosted a round table on Design and Ecology featuring representatives of SIBUR, local authorities, environmentalists, and staff of the Moscow Museum of Design.

2021 saw Tobolsk host an educational program for museum professionals that included both a theoretical part consisting of an overview of the history of designing cohesive object-spatial environments and an outline of principles behind selecting display exhibits, and a hands-on session that included such topics as development of concepts and texts, working with space, visual and graphic design, interactions with partners, and recruitment of volunteers.