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The extensive collaborative program of SIBUR and the Theater of Nations features theater festivals, touring performances and meet-the-star meetings with actors, work with volunteers, various other social and charitable events. The 2022 program featured the Festival of Street Theaters in Nizhnevartovsk and the Theater of Nations Fest in Tobolsk. In November, the residents of Tomsk and Svobodny will have the opportunity to attend the theater’s productions in their home cities

Theatre of Nations Fest

The starting point of the festival program was the year of 2017 with Tobolsk holding the Festival devoted to theatres of small cities of Russia - being the most important event in the cultural life of country's regions. Since 2018, the city has hosted the Theatre of Nations Fest, which is dedicated to a specific subject and comprises not only performances and concerts by actors of the Theatre of Nations, but also a vast touring program of the best theatre companies of the Urals and Siberia regions, including children's, puppet and street theatres.

What makes the "Theater of Nations FEST" project really stand apart from other guest appearances is the fact that what it offers to its audience goes beyond just standard touring performances of a few plays from the repertoire of the Theater of Nations or other Russian theaters. It offers the public a unique opportunity to taste many diverse forms of theatrical experiences. In the course of a few days, in addition to plays, it offers musical and literary concerts, social projects, educational programs, meetings with the cast, laboratories of contemporary playwriting and directing, etc. As an example, in 2021, the theater set up, in addition to its theatrical performances, meetings with A. Leontiev, a People's Artist of Russia, and V. Platonov, an Honored Artist of Russia, an interactive discussion with the actors of the Theater of Shadow held at the Social Rehabilitation Center, and a VR-project titled "I Killed the Tsar".To celebrate Fyodor Dostoevsky's bicentennial anniversary, the theater put together a special festival program dedicated to the great writer that included the following productions: "Dostoevsky 200. Storytelling", "The Idiot Cafe", "Dostoevsky. A Story That Was Never Written".

2022 saw The Theater of Nations Fest in Tobolsk, featuring People's Artists of Russia Evgeny Mironov and Ksenia Rappoport reciting selected fragments from correspondence between the great Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Nadezhda von Meck, an arts patron. In addition to the Theater of Nations' three productions including Khoja Nasreddin, Winter Notes on Summer Impressions and Women as Lovers, the program included Moscow Pushkin Theater's plastic performance of Mother Earth.

The sixth Theater of Nations FEST was dedicated to the lives and fates of a number of famous people. The actors presented to their viewers on-stage versions of biographies of the likes of Maria Callas, Immanuel Kant, and Frida Kahlo. The program of the festival held on the stage of the Ershov Tobolsk Drama Theatre opened with The Canary, a play directed by Dmitry Serdyuk, the winner of the President's Award for Young Workers of Culture. Besides that, the audience saw a production of Coral Island directed by Artem Teryokhin and the concert/performance Frida put on stage by Sergei Sotnikov. The Theater of Nations FEST closed with a product of director Dmitry Krestyankin’s creative laboratory - a sketch of a site-specific performance given in Tobolsk’s prison castle. More than 1,100 viewers got to see the festival’s performances.

Tour program

The Theatre of Nations tours enjoy constant popularity in the cities of SIBUR’s footprint. Over the years of cooperation the spectators from eight cities could see a variety of performances, including such popular stage productions as "The Grönholm method", "Swedish Match", "Fars Mazhorny Concert", " Stories of Shukshin" and many others. In small and remote cities, the Theatre of Nations organized meet-the-artist sessions with some favorite performers, including Natalia Varley, Alexander Filippenko, Boris Shcherbakov, Yevgeny Knyazev and others.

The theater’s 2021 guest tours took it to the cities of Svobodny and Perm. March saw it put on a play titled "Our Everything… Nodar Dumbadze" on the stage of Svobodny’s Sergey Lazo House of Culture. The one-man show, directed and performed by actor Giorgi Iobadze, was inspired by Nodar Dumbadze's famous novel "Me, Grandma, Iliko and Illarion”. September saw the Perm Academic Theater’s Grand Stage host a guest tour of two productions by the State Theater of Nations (led by its artistic director Evgeny Mironov, a People's Artist of Russia), The Grönholm Method and The Farce-Majeure Concert for Drama Actors and an Orchestra. The Grönholm Method, a show based on a play by Spain’s Jordi Galseran, stars Sergey Chonishvili and Igor Gordin, Honored Artists of the Russian Federation, as well as Anna Zaitseva and Maxim Linnikov. The young actors cast in the Farce-Majeure Concert for Drama Actors and an Orchestra performed old hit songs made popular by the likes of Eduard Khil, Muslim Magomaev, Valentina Tolkunova and other pop stars of the past.

In 2022 was held the second Street Theatres Festival which united 6 artistic teams from different parts of country. As part of the Theater’s 2022 tour, Svobodny’s residents got to enjoy Anna Akhmatova’s rarely recited poetry for children and her most famous poetic works, including excerpts from The Requiem and her autobiographical prose put on stage as part of the production of Our Everything...Akhmatova. The Witness, while Tomsk’s residents attended the production of Passions According to Thomas directed by Yevgeny Marcelli, a twice winner of the Golden Mask theater award, that cast People's Artist of Russia Avangard Leontyev, Honored Artists of Russia Vladimir Meisinger, Irina Pulina, Sergey Kolesnikov, and others..  

In 2023, the Festival of Street Theatres came back to Nizhnevartovsk where more than 3,000 city residents could enjoy brilliant theatrical performances brought to them by theaters from Moscow and St. Petersburg, including such Moscow-based companies as the experimental Sketches in Space theater, the street Black Square theater, the Trickster theater, and the Vokrug theater from St. Petersburg.

More than 200 spectators were fortunate to attend The Farсe Majeure Concert show performed on the stage of Nizhnekamsk's Tufan Minnullin Tatar Drama Theater by young actors from the State Theater of Nations. These fresh graduates from Oleg Kudryashov's Workshop at GITIS sang cult pop songs of the USSR era. The retro hits were performed by Maria Biork, a winner of the Golden Mask Award, Natalia Nozdrina, Elena Nikolayeva, Artem Tulchinsky, Oleg Savtsov, Pavel Akimkin, and Roman Shalyapin.

Charity events

The actors of the Theatre of Nations serve as cultural ambassadors in the regions on a regular basis and show the importance of charity work by their own example. This way the arrangements have been made in Tobolsk to meet volunteers with the founders of “The Artist” Foundation (Evgeny Mironov, Maria Mironova, Igor Vernik) and the trustee of the “Butterfly Kids” Foundation (Alexander Tsypkin). The cast of the children's play "Beware of the Elves" paid a visit to the children's ward of a local hospital to put on a gaming master class, while the children undergoing treatment at the Social Rehabilitation Center enjoyed an interactive performance by the actors of the Moscow Children's Theater of Shadows. 

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