Company-wide campaigns can be initiated in any of the regions where SIBUR has a presence at the request of its employees. These campaigns give the company's employees an opportunity to join efforts taking care of those who really need it.

Charitable campaign "Get to be a Santa Claus!”

Every year in the run-up to the New Year’s holidays, SIBUR carries out a charitable campaign called "Get to be a Santa Claus!" seeking to fulfill most coveted wishes of children in difficult circumstances from the regions where the company operates.

In 2020, in addition to the traditional collection of gifts for children, SIBUR's employees and its partners helped fulfil New Year’s wishes of the wards of the Your Hope Foundation: to be able to smile and have a fulfilling life. The Foundation's beneficiaries include children and adults with cranio-maxillofacial defects.

More than 1,500 people took part in the charitable fundraiser, including employees of Russian-based sites and offices, SIBUR's partners, as well as employees of Sibur International GmbH in Shanghai, Vienna, and Istanbul. The campaign helped raise funds to pay for medical treatment and recovery of ten of SIBUR’s wards in Voronezh, Gubkinsky, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Tver, and Tyumen. For more details, follow this link.

Number of gifts collected:

5 cities
2013 year
9 cities
2015 год
10 cities
2016 year
13 cities
2017 year
12 cities
2018 year
17 cities
2019 year
17 cities
2020 year

Our disease knows no such things as pandemics, crises, or exceptional circumstances. One of the factors contributing to securing good treatment outcomes is a timely surgery. This will directly affect the quality of the child's life. And this is the best gateway to a full and happy life for our children. As doctors, and together with our patients, we would like to thank each and every SIBUR employee for their kindness and compassion. The families you helped will remember you with a smile and warmth in their hearts for the rest of their lives. Your help was a real New Year's miracle for about a dozen of families. Thank you!

Gennady Gonchakov, President, Your Hope Foundation,
Head of the Institute for congenital maxillofacial pathologies

Charitable campaign "Make them Warm!"

Relevant statistics

containers for collecting items of clothing installed at 23 SIBUR sites

This is an ongoing company-wide charitable campaign aiming to collect items of clothing for people in difficult circumstances. Let us help provide warmth to those who need it most!

The campaign is open to participation by any employee: all they have to do is bring good-quality clothing items they no longer need and just put them into one of the special containers placed at the company’s sites. All of the donated items will be handed over to the wards of social centers and charitable foundations.

"This campaign for collecting warm clothing for the needy gives our employees an opportunity to become a part of a good and beneficial cause without distracting them too much from their work. I personally derive a lot of pleasure out of being able to achieve tangible results through campaigns such as this. Not does it only help promote the idea of kindness, mutual help and support, but it also stirs up positive emotions in people”.

Андрей Паздерин, ведущий специалист отдела по связям
с органами государственной власти ООО «СИБУР Тобольск»

"Being able to help with warm clothing during the cold season comes in quite handy. We had collected quite a large haul of clothes donated by our employees through this campaign. When the truck full of clothes pulled up at the gate of our warehouse, that was just in time for the scheduled clothing distribution to occur, and so those families in need who were there with us at the time were quite happy to help unload the truck. All of our beneficiaries and volunteers are very grateful to the employees of SIBUR's Voronezh site.

Ilya Pilyugin, Head,
Angel-Khranitel Motherhood Center, Voronezh

Corporate blood donorship days

Campaign statistics at the Corporate Center (Moscow):

blood donorship events
blood donors
liters of blood donated

Since 2016, SIBUR's Corporate Center and many SIBUR Group’s sites have been taking part in an annual Blood Donorship Day, a day when the company's employees can donate their blood and blood components to help treat gravely ill patients.

The Gift of Life Foundation and CompassGroupRus have traditionally acted as partners of the Corporate Center’s campaign. In the course of the campaign, employees are offered an opportunity to help raise funds for helping the beneficiaries of the Gift of Life Foundation.

Many of SIBUR’s employees have already been regular blood donors and have inspired their colleagues to do good.

"I am yet to miss a single Blood Donorship Day. My motivation is simple. I want to prove that every one of us is capable of helping make the world a better place, provide help and support to those who need it.”

Ruslan Minnikhanov, SIBUR LLC

"This year marks the first time that I have taken a part in the Blood Donorship Day campaign. I had heard a lot about it from my coworkers, and was really inspired by the example of our honorary donors, and there you have it, I have donated blood myself.”

Yana Reprintseva, SIBUR LLC

"My parents are donors, too. I'm glad I have been following in their footsteps. The first time I did it I felt no apprehension or fear, because we have all at one point or another had our blood taken during health checkups, and I feel this is pretty much the same thing. When I realize that I am doing the right thing, and that my blood can save someone's life, any discomfort or unease goes away. Here’s my advice to would be donors: if you have no counterindications, make your first appointment and don't worry. The courteous medical staff will not only take care of your comfort, but will even treat you to a nice cup of tea. Blood donorship is a quiet feat you are doing for the sake of others. Thank you all for this! "

Sergey Dudin, Head, Feedstock and Product Department, Noyabrsk Line Pipe Operation Center at Zapsibtransgaz

Information for the blood donors

Как подготовиться к сдаче крови
258.92 Кб
Как восстановиться после донации
183.78 Кб
Противопоказания к сдаче крови
19.91 Кб

Charitable campaign "Going back to school soon"

Since 2016, SIBUR's employees have been regularly helping disadvantaged children get ready for the upcoming school year.

Campaign’s Geography:

Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, all NIPIGAZ offices (Krasnodar, Moscow, Svobodny, Tobolsk, Tyumen), Perm, Tobolsk, Tomsk.

The campaign’s coordinators collect school backpacks and writing sets donated by employees. Following that, students’ kits are assembled and distributed to the wards of orphanages, social centers and charitable foundations. As part of the campaign, employees at some of the sites additionally offer career guidance classes where they tell children about their own professions.

"We would like to express our cordial appreciation for your help in getting our foundation’s wards ready for the new school year. We wish you a wealth of interesting ideas and success with their implementation, many exciting and memorable events, personal happiness, prosperity and success in all your good deeds and endeavors!"

Marina Vodyanova, Head, "I Help Children" Charitable Foundation