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SIBUR’s Volunteering Forum is an annual corporate forum of enthusiasts of the volunteering program titled People Changing the World bringing together the most active participants of volunteering campaigns and champions of positive change in the regions where the company operates.

The 2019 Forum

On October 6-7, 2019, Moscow hosted SIBUR’s first corporate volunteering forum titled People Changing the World. This gathering brought together more than 200 visitors from most of the cities where SIBUR operates, including the most active corporate volunteers, grant recipients, partners, and company managers. The guests of the forum were offered to avail themselves of the opportunity to take part in the forum’s education, discussion and festive programs.

As part of the education program, volunteers could learn the secrets behind creative thinking and test their effectiveness together with their instructors from IKRA, the school of creative thinking.

The discussion program was comprised of two panel discussions: Ideas that Change the World, and How to Turn them into Reality, and People Changing the World: Here and Now.

The discussion during the first panel centered around the latest volunteering and charity trends, the impact that the business community, the media, and the culture sector have on promoting volunteering, as well as the role that volunteers play in addressing pressing societal challenges.

The second discussion panel included presentations by the ambassadors of the Formula for Good Deeds Program, and by SIBUR’s corporate volunteers from Tobolsk, Togliatti, and Perm. The presenters shared their own personal stories about how they had gotten involved in volunteering, examples of their favorite and most telling projects, as well as recommendations on how to motivate volunteers and to protect team members from burnout.

The 2021 Forum

SIBUR's second Volunteering Forum took place on December 7, 2021. It was held in the format of an online marathon. At the request of participating volunteers, the topic of individual and team motivation was chosen as the forum's central theme. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with all its restrictions and ramifications, this topic had become particularly relevant.

The forum’s proceedings were streamed via a digital platform. Everyone connected to the broadcast could ask questions or share their impressions live, in addition to familiarizing themselves with the best volunteering practices of their colleagues, taking part in a thematic quiz with prizes for winners, or downloading a sticker pack for the Telegram app. In total, the forum was attended by about 450 people.

The forum’s guests in the studio and members of the audience provided their versions of the answers to the questions of "Why would one want to engage in volunteering in their spare time?" and "What does volunteering have to offer?” The program also included an interview that Dmitry Konov, Chairman of SIBUR Holding's Management Board, gave to Katerina Gordeeva, a journalist, blogger, and trustee of a charitable foundation.

In keeping with tradition, the forum featured the best volunteering projects by SIBUR’s employees and students. Mikhail Karisalov, General Manager of SIBUR LLC, presented awards to the program's activists based on the results of their volunteering activities throughout 2020 and 2021. The forum ended with a training course on Crisis Self-Management given by the experts of the Moscow Business School. Further details are available on our website.

The 2022 Forum

The phrase People Changing the World, You Are Out of this World! was chosen as the motto of SIBUR’s third Volunteering Forum held in Moscow on October 7-8, 2022. It served as the opportunity to take stock of the results of the corporate People Changing the World volunteering program that had been under implementation over the previous five years and to discuss with experts the question of how to engage and motivate people to become involved in activities of the social sector.

Inclusion as Engagement became the forum's primary focus and was chosen as the topic of its panel discussion. The discussion was attended by Marina Medvedeva, a member of SIBUR's Management Board and the company’s Managing Director, Marina Loshak, Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Inna Shirshova, Head of Inclusive Environment at Investment in the Future-, Sberbank's Charitable Foundation, and Alexander Trembitsky, principal of St. George's School. The session was moderated by Yulia Varshavskaya, the editor-in-chief of Forbes Life and Forbes Woman.

At the forum’s development session, its attendees learned how to package and pitch their good initiatives. Alexander Misurkin, a cosmonaut pilot and a Hero of Russia, shared his insights into how to achieve ambitious goals of cosmic proportions, or where to find strength and inspiration in any situation. The ambassadors of the Formula for Good Deeds honed their public speaking skills.

On the next day, the forum’s participants went on a tour of the museum of Energiya, Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation, one of the premiere aerospace enterprises in the former Soviet Union and in Russia. The cultural program ended with a visit to the Moscow Planetarium, one of the world's largest. For more information, visit our website.

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