Tobolsk received equipment for its Nadezhda Children's Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

22 august 2022

Tobolsk’s branch of Nadezhda, a children's treatment and rehabilitation center, successfully completed its charity project Being Like Everyone Else as part of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

Every year, Nadezhda admits up to 2,000 patients from Tobolsk and the entire Tobolsk region, of whom nearly 90% are treated by psychologists. The project helped create an enabling environment for these sessions.

As part of the project, the offices of teaching psychologists were fitted with the latest equipment, in addition to the introduction of innovative interactive technologies that enable practitioners to provide the fullest possible range of correctional and developmental services.

Since the 1980s, when the country first started recording disability cases, the number of handicapped children has grown tenfold. Psychologists help correct impairments and stabilize any existing pathologies.

In Tobolsk alone, 112 more children were found to be disabled in 2021. In 2020, this number was at 74 children, as opposed to 70 in 2019, and 60 in 2018. Among the causes of disability, nervous system diseases and mental illnesses are the most prevalent, as expected. Our job is to correct these conditions. The new equipment makes it possible to provide early-stage and adequate care, and to more effectively compensate for developmental disabilities and thereby mitigate, and possibly prevent, second-hand impairments, Larisa Zernova, head of Nadezhda, a Children's Psychoneurological Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, noted.

New state-of-the-art equipment enhances the quality of the rehabilitation process and boosts a child's interest in learning. With the use of interactive simulators and spatial environments during a rehabilitation session, children can express themselves more freely which, in turn, positively affects their emotional well-being and helps unlock a child's innermost potential. All of this together leads to the best possible outcomes, Tatiana Kasimova, an education psychologist with the Tobolsk branch of the Nadezhda Children's Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, emphasized.

SIBUR has been increasing paying a lot of attention to inclusivity: the company has a special policy in this area. Since 2022, it has been included as a new, seventh, focus area of the company’s corporate social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds. This is the fifth time that Nadezhda has become a winner of our grant contest and this serves as a perfect illustration of the concept of stability. Thanks to each supported project, the center has been able to acquire the latest equipment, helping it to close any current gaps and to improve lives of more people, Dzhamilya Akhmatova, a lead expert with ZapSibNeftekhim's Department for Government Relations and Socio-Economic Projects, shared.