Saving Life project drew to a close in Tobolsk

30 june 2021

Tobolsk saw the final Brave Heart master class for students of Secondary School No. 13 and charges of Tyumen Oblast’s Social Rehabilitation Center - Vocational Training Center for Minors (Tobolsk) take place as part of the Saving Life project. This was made possible thanks to Volodya Soldatov Tobolsk Medical College's emerging as the winner of the grant contest held within the framework of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

The project was comprised of 15 events and more than 60 first-aid master classes. The focus of the classes was on conditions that account for the most deaths such as respiratory and cardiac arrest, bleeding, and obstruction of airways.

650 participants representing the city of Tobolsk and Tobolsk District received training in administering first aid to victims of life- and health-threatening accidents.

The equipment and branded clothing that we bought with the grant’s funds will be used both for delivering training at the Tobolsk Medical College and for conducting master classes. The project will definitely live on, Natalya Danilina, Director of Volodya Soldatov Tobolsk Medical College, commented.

Anyone can get in a situation where a passerby or a loved one might end up needing first aid. And so, the knowledge acquired at master classes like these could really help save someone's life before the arrival of the ambulance, Sergey Lada, a participant of the master class and a student of School No. 13, noted.

This project was chosen from among more than 80 contest entries. And that choice was not fortuitous because as more people are assuming greater responsibility for their health it is becoming increasing more important to engage in such training activities. I am confident that the project’s mission is fully reflected in its name and that the knowledge that we have been able to pass on to regular people who are not part of the medical profession will help save someone's life. Many thanks for this initiative that is very relevant not only for our city, but for the whole country as well, Jamilya Akhmatova, leading specialist of ZapSibNeftekhim's Government Relations Department, shared.