Thanks to the Formula for Good Deeds, a new sports playground was commissioned at a Tobolsk kindergarten

27 august 2021

August saw a new sports playground dubbed The ProSport Territory being commissioned at Tobolsk’s Kindergarten No. 30. Several years had passed from the moment the idea to create the playground was conceived to the day it got implemented thanks to the kindergarten's winning a grant in the grant contest held within the framework of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program!

The ProSport Territory is an innovative space showcasing all of our country’s iconic landscapes at sports playgrounds. As the preschoolers play and exercise, they get an opportunity to go on "mini-tours" of the nation’s landmark areas and learn about various sports that are popular in a given area. As of today, 7 sports grounds have been commissioned in 3 geographies representing 6 regions of Russia and 8 sports and athletic activities popular there. Children started learning about these regions and sports right there at the festive opening ceremony as they got engaged in a sports quest.

At the ceremony, the children and other guests were introduced to the nuances of playing or exercising:

on a futsal field;

in a wind tunnel;

on a golf course;

on tennis and volleyball courts;

in an athletic maze;

on the chessboard;

on a treadmill.

At the final inauguration ceremony, letters of acknowledgement and souvenirs were presented to the Director of the Education Department at Tobolsk City Administration and to the supervisor of the Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR’s social investment program, in appreciation for their coordination efforts and cooperation throughout the project, to representatives of Dream Group Company for their efforts in getting the sports equipment installed, to the project’s social partners including Sports School No. 2, Tobolsk Center for Youth and Prevention Programs, Tobolsk Youth Creativity Center, Tochka Print advertising agency, Tobolsk Chess Club Ladya, celebratory events studios Confetty and Celebration Academy for their assistance in preparing and implementing the playground commissioning ceremony.

This project is unique and unparalleled in Tobolsk: a single sports playground inside a kindergarten offers preschoolers an opportunity to engage at an early age in such sports as soccer, golf, tennis, volleyball, chess, and others. Each child can try his or her hand at all of these sports and pick the one that is the most appealing and appropriate for them. This helps develop a sports- and fitness-loving culture and interest in sports from an early age and contributes to instilling the values of a healthy lifestyle, Jamilya Akhmatova, leading specialist of ZapSibNeftekhim's Government Relations Department, noted.

We are not going to stop at this. Ahead of us are 3 more geographies with recreational walking grounds that will be gradually transformed and rigged up with exercise and sports facilities, to mimic Russia’s continued growth and development. We would like to thank SIBUR for their assistance and for funding they provided to launch the ProSport Territory project implemented within the framework of the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program, Natalya Sidorenko, Director of Tobolsk’s Kindergarten No. 30, commented.

It's always great to see children become fond of sports early on! It's even better when such an interest is properly supported and channeled. I'm so excited to see that such an out-of-the-box solution to preschool children’s physical development has been found! Natalya Belysheva, Director of the Education Department at Tobolsk City Administration, shared her impressions.

Background information:

The Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR's social investment program was launched on February 1, 2016 in all key cities where the company operates. It is being implemented across six focus areas covering all essential social sector domains: urban development, education and science, sports and healthy living, environmental protection, culture, and volunteering.

In 2016-2021, 781 projects in nineteen cities emerged as grant competitions’ winners. The grants’ funds have been used to repair and rebuild social facilities, improve and beautify parks and other public spaces, organize sports and mass-scale cultural events, equip school laboratories, and take other measures to improve the quality of life in the regions where the company operates.