The Children of the Future, a career guidance project, drew to a close in Tobolsk

10 august 2022

On August 10, Tobolsk's V. P. Neimyshev Secondary School No. 16 was chosen as the venue for the closing ceremony of the Children of the Future career guidance summer camp organized by ANO Razvitiye as part of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

This summer our camp was attended by more than 150 children who underwent training in three areas of studies using a game-playing format: information technology, business and arts. All in all, we had implemented 30 projects, put on 3 shows, flash mob performances and wrote our own anthem, a real achievement for our students. From an early age children, begin to understand how important it is to do what you enjoy and what you can excel at, because that's when your own business or work gives you true pleasure, Konstantin Konstantinov, General Director of ANO Razvitiye and the project’s mastermind, noted

During their time at the camp, the students were busy working on their projects under the guidance of their experienced instructors. Their projects then had to be defended on the camp’s closing day.

The children came up with all sorts of projects, from bead-weaving stores, pet stores, cafes, and a play school, to a hospital and a luxury car rental service. Many of the children were overexcited and anxious, but in the end everyone did well with the defense of their projects. Some were even able to make their first sales! Throughout the event, a smile never left my face. Great effort, boys and girls! Elena Zuyeva, a jury member, Head of Tobolsk City Administration’s Department of Small and Medium Business Development and Investment, shared her impressions.

After defending their projects, the budding entertainers put on an extraordinary performance dedicated to their love for our hometown, the city of Tobolsk.

«So many talented children per square meter! They are indeed the children of the future. Children aged 7 years old and above write and defend their own business and IT projects, perform in front of an audience without experiencing any stage fright, have good acting, singing, and dancing skills. It's fantastic that there are projects like Children of the Future, and we look forward to the 2023 season, Elena Sofyina, mother of one of the young campers, noted.

The closing ceremony culminated in a spectacular foam party. The kids’ parents came out to the dance floor to dance with their children and plunge themselves into a whirlwind of foamy emotions.

The kids didn't want to have to say goodbye, they all wanted to stay a little longer. It was an unforgettable day for the parents, guests, and children alike. Many thanks to all the instructors and counselors for their hard work and patience! Maria Gerasimova, mother of a budding programmer, shared.