SIBUR's Blood Donor Day brought together employees, partners and friends

27 april 2022

SIBUR’s Corporate Center has held its seventh Blood Donor Day, implemented with the support of the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program and organized jointly with the Blood Transfusion Service of the Bakulev National Medical Research Center for Cardiovascular Surgery to help children and adults suffering from heart disease.

Following a rigorous health checkup, a total of 38 volunteers were cleared to donate their blood, of whom a third (32%) had been regular participants of previous corporate Blood Donor Days. The list of donors included employees of the Corporate Center, SIBUR Digital, Petrochemical Transportation Company, SiburTyumenGaz’s Gubkinsky GPP, as well as ordinary Moscow residents who just could not get past the mobile blood transfusion station chosing to join the company's good initiative.

The last time I donated my blood was several years ago back when I was a student in Ufa. Soon after, I moved to work in the north of the country. The only way one would be able to donate one’s blood there would be on weekdays, a few days after having all the necessary health tests done. Because of this confusing set-up, I gave up being a blood donor. Today I was once again offered an opportunity to give back to my community. I was on my lunch break when a volunteer walked up to me and asked if I wanted to donate some of my blood. I agreed happily! I’d like to thank the Formula for Good Deeds team for giving me this opportunity, Ksenia Novozhilova, an employee of Gubkinsky GPP and a participant of the blood donor day, noted.

I really admired the campaign’s very convenient format: everything is literally within a walking distance and there is no need to go to a separate clinic to donate one’s blood. That said, all of the rigorous legal requirements are strictly followed meaning that in the future I will be entitled to the status of an Honorary blood donor. We were particularly pleased to see the smiles of the program’s managers and volunteers, Artem Gordov, Development Manager, Procurement Development Unit, SIBUR LLC, a participant of the blood donation campaign.

Right before the Blood Donor Day, the Formula for Good Deeds team ran a fundraiser for the Podari Zhizn (Gift of Life) charitable foundation collecting funds to buy medicines for Danis Usmanov, a 17-year-old boy from Ufa living with a heart transplant. Danis’ story really resonated with more than a hundred employees, partners and friends of SIBUR. Their collective efforts helped raise a total of RUB259,560, enough to buy a two months’ supply of Risarg medications needed for Danis’ treatment.

This blood donation campaign comes as yet another reminder of the degree of cohesion we have within our extended SIBUR team. In addition to donating their own blood, our colleagues passed on the message through various chat rooms and groups to their relatives and friends inviting them to join the campaign. We would like to thank all the donors and participants of the fundraising event for their caring attitude and personal contribution to a common good cause! Varvara Melekessova, Chief Expert, department of business support in the regions where SIBUR has operations, and a supervisor of SIBUR's Volunteering Program, noted.

Our special thanks for their help in organizing and conducting the blood donation campaign go out to:

  • Elena Afonina, a health care manager,
  • Olga Shabunina, a Sodexo Nutrition Manager,
  • Our colleagues from the service and support function.

The next Blood Donor Day at the Corporate Center will be held in September.