Tomsk hosted the Winter Fest, a winter sports festival featuring such guest stars as Alexey Yagudin and Yuri Butsayev

27 november 2023

On October 25 and 26, Tomsk's Kristall Sports Arena turned into a venue for hosting a series of master classes titled “Figure Skating's Secrets" and "Real Hockey" as part of the annual Winter Fest, a winter sports festival.

The festival was attended by children staying at Child Support Centers catering for children left without parental care ("Rostok (Sprout)" and "Orlinoye Gnezdo (Eagle's Nest)"), Child and Family Social Assistance Centers (including "Ogonyok (Twinkle)", the centers in Asinovsky, Bakcharsky, and Tomsky district), Social Rehabilitation Centers "Luch (Beam)" and "Droog (Friend)", children from foster families, and children with disabilities. In all, the festival was attended by some 400 minors who were offered a chance to acquire some new skills with some of them trying to ice skate for the first time.

The master classes taught by Alexey Yagudin and Yuri Butsayev were attended by local athletes, coaches, children from disadvantaged families, and sports enthusiasts. All residents of the city who are partial to sports were afforded an opportunity to see the star athletes face to face, take a picture with their favorite athlete, or get an autograph.

Alexey Yagudin, an Olympic champion, four-time world champion and three-time European champion, and a Winter Fest coach:
I have been taking part in this festival every year and I have witnessed how this festival is expanding and growing in stature. I see what a tremendous job the fest's organizers do for the benefit of all winter sports aficionados. Festivals such as the Winter Fest provide kids with the inspiration to engage in sports, and encourage their parents to support them in this”.

Yuri Butsayev, a Russian star ice hockey player, and a Winter Fest coach:
I was pleasantly surprised to see how popular ice hockey is in Tomsk. It is obvious that local children want to progress in the sport, and it is impossible to ignore their enthusiasm and motivation. I am very happy to see that people of the younger generation show interest in sports and look for ways to reach new heights.

Sports is the most popular focus area of the Formula for Good Deeds program. Thanks to projects such as the Winter Sports Festival, residents of regional centers have a unique opportunity to meet world-class sports stars. It is particularly important for young boys and girls to be able to meet their heroes, get first-hand lessons in improving their skills while getting an extra boost of energy and enthusiasm.