SIBUR arranged festive celebrations for 1,507 mothers raising children with special needs

5 march 2022

On the eve of the International Women's Day, SIBUR, working together with regional non-profit organization, held a charitable benefit for women raising children with disabilities and other severe conditions with the support of the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. A total of 1,507 mothers in the 24 cities where the company has operations, all the way from St. Petersburg to Svobodny in Amur Oblast, will have taken part in the festivities.

SIBUR's March 8 Charity Benefit has been a tradition since 2020. Under this program, funds earmarked for buying corporate gifts are donated to regional public welfare non-profit organizations for helping organize parties for mothers of children with disabilities or other serious illnesses. Working together with the experts of the Formula for Good Deeds program, our colleagues from social welfare organizations develop scripts for festive gatherings, taking into account the realities of the regions in question and the needs of women, in order to hold a truly unique event in each of the cities.

The very first event in the series was held in Moscow on March 1. This included a photo shoot involving professional makeup artists and a pro photographer, implemented together with the
Community of Families of the Deaf-Blind. To ensure that the mothers waiting their turn didn’t get bored as the photo session proceeded, they were invited to take part in a master class on painting using a fashionable Fluid Art technique (painting with liquid acrylic on canvas, Ed.). The second festive event, put on jointly with a local regional charity organization Perspektiva, was held in Voronezh on March 2 where mothers were invited to take part in a master class on making dreamcatcher charms and participate in an engaging entertainment program.

In these tense times we all miss a good celebration... You just want to relax a little and let go of your worries, if only for a few hours. I would like to thank our supervisor Tamara and SIBUR Holding for this great opportunity! It had been a while since I last had such a good time. It was a fun and cheerful gathering! Natalya Samorokovskaya, a participant of the Voronezh event, shared her impressions.

The festivities in Nyagan and Tyumen took place on March 3. The
Nyagan Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers with Disabilities invited local mothers to a theatrical performance titled "Believe in Miracles!” A festive buffet reception was laid on for the participants to enjoy during breaks. The Tyumen Regional Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities put on an exciting master class where mothers were able to make their own paintings under the guidance of a professional artist.

March 4 saw Krasnoyarsk’s regional non-profit organization "
The Boomerang of Kindness" organize a festive party for mothers at the Dmitry Khvorostovsky Opera and Ballet Theater where they enjoyed watching Lakmé. On March 5 professional make-up artists in Kazan, Nizhnevartovsk, Tobolsk and Pyt-Yakh styled local moms' hair and applied their make-up to be later photographed by professional photographers in all of their beauty, after which everyone was invited to take part in arts & crafts and cooking master classes.

The March 8 charitable campaign has been taking place in all cities where the company operates for three years already. We are very glad that this year it was also joined by Kazan and Nizhnekamsk. Thanks to this initiative, more than 4,500 mothers were able to distract themselves from their everyday worries and feel our care and attention. It’s hard to say whether this is a lot or too little, but regardless we are very glad that we have managed to arrange such holiday parties for the moms, to show our care for those who need it so much, Varvara Melekesteva, Chief Expert, Manager of the Formula for Good Deeds Social Investment Program, noted.

During the month of March, festive celebrations will be taking place in the cities of Anapa, Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast), Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan), Krasnodar, Kursk, Nizhnekamsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novokuybyshevsk, Omsk, Perm, St. Petersburg, Svobodny, Tver, Tomsk, and Ufa.

The team of the Formula of Good Deeds, SIBUR's social investment program, is happy to wish all the female employees of the company, our readers and other wonderful women a very beautiful spring holiday! Congratulations! May there be always warmth and love in your hearts!

Find out more about the festive programs in all these cities and leave your good wishes or feedback about the campaign on the campaign’s website at