Doing Good out of Schedule

29 march 2021

We had initially intended to use our March issue to introduce our readers to a certain charity that has been our longtime partner. But then we received an urgent request that we just couldn’t ignore. And, so, we are honored to present to you the Nizhegorodsky Charitable Foundation which has, for more than fifteen years, been providing its support to children suffering from grave illnesses.

One important area of the Foundation's focus is helping children who could have a chance to live a full life just like other children of their age, provided they can get access to regular high-quality rehabilitation treatment. However, this kind of a result can only be achieved if all planned treatment sessions are administered according to a strict schedule, without unnecessarily long pauses between them. Unfortunately, the outbreak of the pandemic last year led to a sharp drop in the amount of incoming donations and, as a consequence, the foundation was unable to support rehabilitation treatment of four children with cerebral palsy who desperately need it. That said, there is still a chance to retain and augment the results that have been achieved to date, which means that these children still stand a chance to enjoy a real childhood!

Here are their stories.

Vassily (Vasya) Klypov, 12 years old.

A sum of RUB 162,000 is needed.

Vasya suffers from impaired function of his arm and leg muscles, and was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. From an early age, Vasya has been receiving treatment at various medical and rehabilitation centers. And by today, he has learned to stand on his own for a brief period of time and to take a few steps. Being well developed intellectually, he attends a secondary school, enjoys playing music and chess, and is very good at reciting poems. His main aspiration is to be able to move about on his own so that he could feel like a child no different from all the others, including being able to run, jump, swim, and also to help his parents and those who may need help more than he himself does. He needs to continue his rehabilitation at the Shamarin Center in Kaluga.

Help Vasya:

Maxim Krasnopeyev, 6 years old.

A sum of RUB 125,000 is needed.

For his age, Maxim is quite an intelligent boy. He knows his numbers, colors, and can count. He can crawl and sit up on his own, and when held by his hand by somebody else he can walk from one support point to another. These are all the results of tremendous efforts of the boy himself, his mother, and rehabilitation experts. Maxim tries to perform even the most difficult exercises correctly. Despite his young age, he can already appreciate that he needs to perform his special exercises and do the extra work daily. The boy has only one year left before he is to start school, and that is why it is critical that every effort is made to help him with his rehabilitation now.

Help Maxim:

Maria (Masha) Paramonova, 14 years old.

A sum of RUB 158,800 is needed.

Ever since she was born, Masha has been undergoing treatment in the hospitals of Nizhny Novgorod and Dzerzhinsk, and at a special clinic in Moscow. The therapy she gets helps reduce her muscle tone and support her eyesight. The clinics offer classes with a speech therapist, and consultations of an immunologist. In addition, little patients get to participate in various cultural activities including musical performances by visiting musicians, master classes, and tours of Moscow. Masha’s achievements to date have been quite impressive: she started to sit and to walk, she has mastered some self-care skills, she reads and she can write in block letters (we hope she will also be able to write in cursive), she learns poetry and draws. At this point, it's very important for Masha to be able learn to speak clearly, because right now her speech is not very legible to others. That way Masha can go to her favorite school. But for now, the girl is being home-schooled.

Help Masha:

Nikita Mikhailov, 11 years old.

A sum of RUB 170,000 is needed.

Nikita was diagnosed was cerebral palsy, stiffness of the upper and lower extremities’ muscles, delayed psychomotor development, partial optic nerve atrophy. His parents have been very diligent in taking excellent care of Nikita: he has been regularly administered full-body and acupressure massage, physiotherapy, he has been an in-patient at the regional children's hospital, has attended a rehabilitation center, and has been taking lessons from a speech therapist, getting injections and undergoing treatment at the “Avtozavodsky" sanatorium. Nikita is capable of pronouncing many words and he is always trying to utter new words. He knows nursery rhymes, really loves to listen to music, and can even sing some short children's songs from start to end. The boy is emotionally responsive, he can be joyful and laugh. He understands what he is being asked to do by the adults, can ask for a drink, or a candy, or to be taken for a stroll or given a massage.

Help Nikita:

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