By City Day, Blagoveshchensk will be decorated by two new murals on the city’s facades

3 september 2021

A Blagoveshchensk-based competition of street art sketches run under the auspices of the Art Formula Project has drawn to a close. Local residents have voted for the drawings that will be transferred to the city’s buildings’ facades.

This year's contest’s theme is the Heritage Code. August 15 was the deadline for submitting contest entries, following which the residents cast their online votes to choose the two sketches that would be decorating the facades of buildings located at 70/2 Demyan Bedny Street, and 116 Sedova Street.

Sketches by Amalia Melkonyan and Aira Galimova emerged as the contest’s winners. The winning artists will undergo training under the guidance of professional artists and will take part in transferring their drawings to the walls of the selected buildings.

On September 18, on Blagoveshensk’s City Day, an official ceremony to unveil these large-scale murals will be held next to 116 Sedova Street with valuable prizes and certificates awarded to the winners.

The Art Formula is a street art project spearheaded by the professional art team known as We Will Paint Everything and supported by SIBUR’s social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds. The project’s goal is to transform and improve the urban environment by means of modern and street art together with local residents, and to develop active local communities that are interested in channeling their creative aspirations by beautifying their cities. The Art Formula has already been implemented in three cities where the company conducts its operations: Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan), Svobodny, and Tobolsk. In 2020, drawings by Blagoveshchensk’s residents were used to decorate the facades of buildings at 112 and 114 Sedova Street.