Common Sense

Significant statistics
athletic disciplines
>2 000
group training sessions
>30 000
group training sessions’ participants
>3 600
sq. m. : the total area of calisthenics parks
Common Sense is a comprehensive program implemented in 2016 through 2018 by the Foundation for Sport and Public Order with the support from SIBUR, aiming to help promote sports and healthy living.

Group training sessions

One of the program’s notable features included year-round outdoor group training sessions run by professional athletes and hosted by the cities where SIBUR conducts its operations. These were attended by people of all ages, from schoolchildren to senior citizens, with local residents ultimately driving the decision on what athletic discipline to focus on.  Upon the program’s expiration, local sports and fitness enthusiasts who had received training during these sessions kept on training and running workout sessions on their own.

Opening of calisthenics parks

State-of-the-art world class calisthenics parks and outdoor gyms have been opened in SIBUR’s cities to facilitate training and to upgrade the areas that SIBUR counts among its priority neighborhoods. The ceremonies dedicated to commissioning the calisthenics parks were attended by representatives of city administrations, SIBUR employees, as well as athletes and local residents.

Workout areas

Calisthenics parks are used for conducting free-of-charge street workout training sessions as part of the Open Training Sessions program. They are becoming a favorite hangout spot for fitness enthusiasts from local neighborhoods and even an entire city.

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