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educational workshops dedicated to healthy living
attendees at the workshops
educational videos featuring subject-matter experts
The project strives to highlight the importance of preventive medicine through engaging in open dialogue with medical professionals, by making healthy lifestyles trendy, and by elevating the prestige of medical professions in the eyes of children and younger people.
The project’s 2022 program included seminars held in Nyagan, Nizhnevartovsk, Gubkinsky, and Noyabrsk. At the seminars, guest experts from Moscow and healthcare professional from regional facilities spoke about various measures designed to prevent viral diseases, about preventive medicine, and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. A total of 219 people attended these educational seminars. At each of the events’ venues, a mobile vaccination station was set up to enable willing participants to get vaccinated against COVID and flu.
In order to draw additional attention to the subject of vaccination, a contest of mock-up art objects dedicated to medical topics and an all-Russian flash mob were organized. Both events attracted over 1,000 participants from various parts of Russia including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Altai Krai, Arkhangelsk Oblast, the Republic of Mari El, Amur Oblast, etc. In addition, a series of educational videos were produced and released with a focus on COVID-19, the post-COVID syndrome, its risks and ways to combat it, different types of vaccines, vaccination and its social significance, procedures and methods for disease prevention and avoidance, healthy living, etc., a total of 15 videos featuring practicing physicians.