Early career counseling for school students

Significant statistics
schoolchildren took part in the project
teachers took part in the project
This project is being run by two educational institutions in Voronezh and Amur regions. It seeks to improve the effectiveness of career guidance in regional schools. SIBUR is the project’s partner since 2019

The project’s contents

The focus of the project is to support career counseling for secondary schools’ ninth-grade students. The project’s activities targeted not just the teenagers, but also their parents and teachers. Within the framework of the project, Voronezh and Amur Oblast carried out a whole range of various activities: specialists developed and conducted a career guidance training course consisting of 34 lessons, prepared and distributed methodological materials, such as workbooks, guidelines, etc. In addition, a game quest, a round table, and a number of PTA meetings were also held. 

Working with the Teacher Community

Teachers took part in an immersion training class, at first going through a part of the career guidance course as students, where they were required to complete all of the learning assignments, participate in games, discussions, etc. Following that there was a methodological review of each lesson. Upon completion of  phase one, all teachers were issued educational and methodological kits of materials for conducting the career guidance course on their own later on.