#жизнькрышке (a New Lease on Life for the Lid)

Significant statistics
kg of recycled plastics used for making art objects
kg of recycled plastics used for making art objects
A project intended to promote caring attitude to one’s environment and to foster waste recycling

The Project's content

As part of the project, Gubkinsky and Tomsk implemented a plastic waste (including bottles and bottle caps) collection campaign including voluntary cleanup subbotniks that involved schoolchildren, students, entrepreneurs, NGO activists, employees of SIBUR’s enterprises, and members of the general public. The plastic waste that was collected as a result of the subbotniks was later used to create art objects that were based on the designs suggested by the winners of the All-Russian Sketch Contest:

  • 50 kg of recycled plastics (15,000 bottle caps and 500 bottles) were used to make an art object in Tomsk;

  • 100 kg of recycled plastic (25,000 caps and 1,250 bottles) were used in Gubkinsky..

SIBUR’s approach

SIBUR has always been consistent in its policy of supporting projects aimed to collect, recycle, and continue re-using salvaged plastic waste. As an example, in 2015 and 2016, SIBUR supported a large-scale contest of art objects made from plastic waste, aptly named Clean Art. In addition, the VTB United League and the Kontinental Hockey League working together with SIBUR have been running an environmental campaign called Basketbottle. As part of the campaign, discarded plastic bottles are collected after matches at Russian sports arenas and then sent for recycling.