#жизнькрышке (a New Lease on Life for the Lid)

Significant statistics
As part of the project, two cities - Gubkinsky and Tomsk - will be collecting plastic waste (including bottles and bottle caps) in 2021. To facilitate this, volunteer work will be carried out by school and university students, entrepreneurs, active members of various public associations, employees of SIBUR companies, as well as other local residents. In addition, there are plans to hold an educational program covering the topic of the project. 

The Project's content

The plastic waste collected during volunteer clean-ups will be used to create objects of art. To determine their optimal appearance, an All-Russian contest of sketches of art objects will be held.  Upon completion of the contest, there will be a public presentation of the art objects picked to be installed in one of the central public areas of each city by the summer of 2021. The implementation of the project in Gubkinsky and Tomsk will contribute to forging eco-communities of enthusiasts environmentalists bringing together citizens who care about the environment.

SIBUR’s approach

SIBUR has always been consistent in its policy of supporting projects aimed to collect, recycle, and continue re-using salvaged plastic waste. As an example, in 2015 and 2016, SIBUR supported a large-scale contest of art objects made from plastic waste, aptly named Clean Art. In addition, the VTB United League and the Kontinental Hockey League working together with SIBUR have been running an environmental campaign called Basketbottle. As part of the campaign, discarded plastic bottles are collected after matches at Russian sports arenas and then sent for recycling.