SIBUR's charitable campaign From Heart to Heart has drawn to a close

9 october 2023

SIBUR has held a charitable campaign From Heart to Heart implemented as part of the company's social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds.

The campaign was joined by the company's employees in Moscow, Kazan, Nizhnekamsk, Tobolsk, and Perm who were offered an opportunity to donate money for supporting the wards of specialized children's institutions located in the regions where SIBUR operates or to pay a visit to one of such institutions as volunteers. In addition, a blood donorship campaign was held in Moscow.

Elena Snezhko, head of the Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR's social investment program:

After launching our charitable From Heart to Heart! campaign back in May at the Corporate Center, we received a lot of feedback from our employees in other regions asking us how they, too, could contribute. That is why we decided to expand the reach of our campaign, so that colleagues from other regions could also join in. As a result, we have been able to support children facing hardships and neglect in five of the cities where we operate. I would like to thank SIBUR's employees for their enthusiasm and willingness to perform acts of kindness!

Employees of the Corporate Center have been able to assist young patients of the Elizavetinsky Children's Hospice The donors were able to take advantage of the specially arranged donation boxes to deposit toys, bedding items, towels, stabilizing pillows, diapers, and swaddling cloths. In addition, SIBUR's employees, partners and friends had raised 38,000 rubles to purchase baby food for the wards of the hospice. On September 30, SIBUR’s volunteers spent time with the hospice patients demonstrating various chemistry experiments, giving a creative master class on handcrafting items made of air balloons, and drawing and pasting pictures of animals as souvenirs for all the attendees. At the end of the visit, each child received a fluffy avocado-shaped pillow as a keepsake. A total of eight employees of the Corporate Center paid a visit to the hospice: many more wished to come, but the hospice's strict visiting rules did not allow all of them to come.

On October 4, more than 60 employees of the Corporate Center were able to take part in the blood donation campaign and donate their blood to patients of the Bakulev National Cardiovascular Research Center, thus helping many hundreds of patients who needed the blood to stay healthy. The campaign was supported by SIBUR's Medical Service that provided catering for the participants of the event on the day.

Larisa Bondar, head of SIBUR's Sales Controlling Function, supervisor of the From Heart to Heart charitable campaign in Moscow:

It is really wonderful that this initiative resonated so strongly with SIBUR's employees! I was particularly impressed by the discussion we had on the content of the entertainment program for these children; we even held a contest of ideas and wrote some of them down for future reference. The way we went about collecting things for the hospice shows all the warmth and care of our colleagues. We ended up collecting an impressive array of toys, including soft toys, developmental toys, art kits, aquatic entertainment kits, etc. I would like to thank everyone for their responsiveness, compassion, and caring attitude!

About 20 employees of SIBUR-RT joined the campaign and together they were able to collect board games, developmental games, coloring books, soft toys, as well as raise some money for the 65 wards of the Pyramidka House of Friendship and Special Development at the Center for Children with Mental Disabilities.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim hosted a benefit for the children living in the Balkysh orphanage. More than 50 of the plant’s employees contributed to collecting board games, educational games, dolls, and many other items for the wards of the orphanage.

SIBUR-Khimprom's employees offered their assistance to Children's Polyclinic No. 1 by purchasing supplies for children's active playtime at a dedicated waiting room in the newly opened department of the polyclinic.

44 employees of Zapsibtransgaz have managed to collect more than 100 gifts for young patients of Tobolsk's Regional Hospital No. 3, including toys, board games, puzzles and art kits.

The team of the Formula for Good Deeds program wishes to thank all the participants of the charitable campaign for their eagerness to help, for supporting our joint initiatives, and for helping those suffering from severe illnesses.