Significant statistics
training with famous athletes
The project's thrust is to introduce young people to grassroots sports by arranging team sporting events on accessible grounds

Open training sessions of 2023 took place in Nizhnevartovsk and Dzerzhinsk. In Nizhnevartovsk, the list of coaches who were willing to share their useful agility and stamina-building exercises with the participants included:

  • Ivan Aksarin, a candidate Master of Sports in basketball;

  • Muhammadyunus Karimzhanov, a top-ranking coach in hand-to-hand combat;

  • Ivan Semkin, a Master of Sports in acrobatics;

  • Makar Sergeyev, a resident soccer coach at Junior sports school;

  • Pavel Kiverin, a head basketball coach, Head of Basketball, Gymnastics, Handball and Sports Development at Junior sports school.

The festival that was dedicated to promoting an active and healthy lifestyle featured lectures and master classes on environmental awareness and plastic waste sorting. For convenience and environmental safety reasons, the event's organizers provided containers for separate waste collection and arranged collection of clothing items in cooperation with the social and charitable project Help to Hold On. One could donate their unwanted belongings and find out about the locations of the city's collection points from where such items would then be sent on for recycling or reuse.

Open training sessions in Dzerzhinsk were led by the following athletes:

  • Andrey Vdovin, a Paralympic Games champion, nine-time world champion and two-time World Cup silver medalist, eight-time European champion in track and field;

  • Dmitry Safronov, a two-time Paralympic champion, four-time world and European champion, three-time world record holder in track and field;

  • Alexander Kuchin, a finalist of Nizhegorodskaya Oblast's Spartakiade of students in boxing, a finalist of Dzerzhinsk's junior bodybuilding and fitness championship; 

  • Alexandra Chekanova, a participant of TV Channel 1's dance shows Bolshiye Tantsy and Dance Revolution;

  • Artem Zagrebin, a goalkeeper coach at Dzerzhinsk's Khimik soccer club and a coach at the Salyut children's and youths' sports school of Olympic reserve.

The Fest's second day featured the Festival of Sports and Ecology held under the motto of "Zero Waste" that included separate waste collection events, master classes, an environmental festival, and an eco-quiz.