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The Creative Resident's Club is an educational project that is open to any individual willing to acquire skills needed to get employed in the media sector and learn to create content for various platforms on one’s own. The project comprises an online and an offline program, and involves setting up a facility for making video and audio content.
Members of a Creative Resident’s Club are eligible to have access to online courses in three subject-matter areas: how to launch podcasts, video production, and media projects. They are also given an opportunity to book equipment and filming sites free of charge.

The program’s training courses include text-based materials and video lectures where experts share their theoretical and practical knowledge. At the end of each module, trainees are offered to take a knowledge-testing exam. Upon completing their courses, course attendees will have acquired the necessary media skills and learn how to create content for different platforms on their own. The online course is readily available for anyone wishing to take one on the Creative Resident’s Club’s website at «Creative Resident’s Club»

The list of the course’s experts includes:
  • Timur Ismayev, co-founder of the Gromkiye Ryby agency that made a name for itself by creating an unauthorized commercial for Soda;
  • Alexander Kozlov, founder of the Poslushaite! podcast studio and author of popular podcasts about Yekaterinburg;
  • Dinara Zinnatova, editor-in-chief and mastermind of the new concept for Idel magazine;
  • Nikolai Kondakov, author of the Not the Mayor of Omsk Telegram channel dedicated to the goings-on in Omsk and to its urban environment.


The Creative Resident's Club opened in Nizhnevartovsk on the grounds of the Children's Library No. 3 at 72 Neftyanikov St., and in Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan) on the premises of the Center for Cultural Development at 11 Sovetskaya St.

The on-site program in the two cities attracted 122 participants who attended 14 in-person events and created 3 online courses comprised of 20 lectures attended by over 400 people.

Creative Resident 2023, the All-Russian national contest of positive content received 1,089 applications from 18 regions. The materials submitted by the contest’s 23 winners were published in the online collection of positive changes. The best of these materials can be found on the project’s website.