Autonomous Institution of Social Services "Regional Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities” (Tyumen)


Tyumen Oblast’s Autonomous Institution of Social Services "Regional Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities".
The Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities has been operating since 2007. Every year, more than 7 thousand people with disabilities avail themselves of social services offered at the Center as day patients. The institution’s mission is to provide comprehensive care services to people with disabilities, including special needs children and their families, while introducing state-of-the-art technologies and implementing comprehensive rehabilitation programs. The Center employs experienced and well-qualified experts who take advantage of their access to the full range of modern rehabilitation methods in their work.


Right on the eve of the spring holiday, the International Women's Day, the Regional Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities, with the support of SIBUR Holding's Formula for Good Deeds program, arranged a truly magical experience for mothers raising children with disabilities: a photo day. Working at two different locations each featuring a distinct approach to style, full-blown teams of professional makeup artists, hairdressers, stylists and photographers attended to every participant, creating a unique personal style for each of them, styling their hair, applying makeup and picking a fitting image. That day, 30 stunning women ended up being caught on camera each featuring a unique look and style. Every one of them was given an opportunity to feel a true princess and have some ‘me’ time. The greatest gifts the ladies got that day were professional photographs they will be able to admire for a long time to come.


The Kontora Porkhodstva Multicenter acted as the venue for a beauty day organized for mothers raising children with disabilities and health limitations . On the day of the event, attendees learned the basics of makeup from a makeup expert Maria Yekimova, including the basics of applying makeup and useful tips and tricks of day-to-day makeup application. Before and after the master class, the ladies could take part in a professional photo session organized right on the premises of the multicenter. In addition, the multicenter featured an aroma bar where every woman could get a personalized gift: a carefully selected perfume suggested individually by a professional scent consultant. The day ended with a pleasant coffee break, where the mothers could get acquainted with each other, share their impressions of the day and just relax and take some rest.

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