Interregional Organization "Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind" (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm)


Interregional charitable non-profit organization "Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind".
The Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind has been supporting families with children and adults suffering from concurrent impairment of vision and hearing. They receive all the necessary psychological, legal and case-specific help. The organization was founded by representatives of families of the deaf and blind which makes them perfectly positioned to accurately identify the needs and requirements of our charges, and to make our assistance to them as effective as possible. The community has been supported by the So-Yedinenie Charitable Foundation.


Just before the Women's Day, the Yaseneva Polyana Resource Center in Moscow hosted a lovely event for mothers sponsored by the non-profit Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind. It was meant to distract the attending mothers from their daily preoccupations, to help them recharge and relax, take a breather and get some rest. Throughout the holidays, 20 mothers had an enjoyable time at the pottery workshop, spent time with makeup artists and stylists, and took part in a professional photo session that turned out as feminine and tender as its participants! The night closed with a nice cocktail party and pleasant conversations.

We would like to thank the staff of Technology College 24 for their help in organizing the festivities, and specifically hairdressers Daria Filippova, Marina Belova, Farangez Saidasanova, make-up artists Daria Atosina, Anastasia Dzyuba and their teacher Galina Kashina, and of course the wonderful photographer Daria Shlykova, who managed to set the mood of femininity and affection.


In addition to running charitable campaigns in the cities where the company operates, we approached the Interregional Charitable Public Organization "Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind" with a request to organize a festive celebration in the form of a photo session for mothers raising deaf and blind children in three different cities. In each city, professional makeup artists and stylists were at the ladies’ service to prepare them for a professional photo session. During the photo shoot, the attendees tried on a variety of different images and had their pictures taken in different settings. After the exhaustive photo session, the mothers had a chance to get some rest at a cocktail reception and accept congratulations. 

The event was organized in three cities:

  • March 5 – Perm
  • March 7 – Nizhny Novgorod
  • March 16 – Moscow

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