Charitable Foundation “Podari Zhizn” (Russian for Gift of Life) (Moscow)


Gift of Life is a charitable foundation with a mission to help children suffering from cancer or hematological diseases and other grave illnesses.
Their website’s address is
The Gift of Life foundation, founded in 2006 by two actresses, Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova, is one of Russia’s best-known charities. Its key mission includes raising funds to pay for children’s treatment and recovery, helping hospitals, promoting blood donorship, providing social and psychological assistance to sick children, and providing support to volunteering groups, including an affiliated volunteering association titled “Donors for Children”.


Mothers who have to be by their children’s bedside in cancer wards cannot afford to step out outside, and so the holiday will be brought straight to them right at the hospitals where they are. This is going to help create a unique festive ambience, elicit cheerful emotions, create a distraction, and help break the monotony and drudgery of the struggle against the disease. Together with the Foundation, we decided that it would be great to remind these women how wonderful they are. Having had to living in these hospitals with their babies for months, they badly need support and reassurance that they are still the same beautiful, happy and smiling women they once were.

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