Charitable Regional Non-Profit Organization "Dobry-Yug" (Krasnodar)


Krasnodar Regional Charitable Non-Profit Organization "Dobry-Yug".
Website: http://www.добрый-юг.рф/
The non-profit organization has been providing charitable and social support to children and youths with health limitations, and to members of their families. The organization’s employees have been implementing a number of projects including measures aimed at social habilitation and adaptation of teenagers with mental disorders under the title of "Equal opportunities", monthly meetings of mothers of children with health limitation "Mothers’ Time”, a photo project "Gorod – eto ya” (The city is me), and others. In addition, the organization has been supporting a city-wide social initiative titled "Dobry Krasnodar” (a Kind Krasnodar).


The agenda of the spring fest organized for mothers raising children with special development needs, and for girls with health limitations, included arts and crafts master classes, a cocktail reception, and a gift-giving ceremony. The attendees took lessons in how to make soap, decorated gingerbread cakes and shopping bags, ultimately ending up making handmade gifts for themselves and their loved ones. On top of that, they also acquired useful knowledge that they can later easily apply at leisure because their expert instructors passed on to them the most intricate details and secrets of their trades, and explained how to properly choose the right materials and tools for the job at hand.


The company lent its support to an ad hoc meeting of participants of the "Mothers’ Time" project, timed to coincide with the International Women's Day festivities. The project brings together women raising children with special development needs. At the gathering, the ladies tried their hand at various arts and crafts master classes that were offered to them. We really wanted each mother to have great photos to remember this day with. And we helped to implement this idea. What is it that we are especially proud of in this project? It is the fact that the gatherings within the framework of the "Mothers’ Time " project have now become a monthly occurrence.

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