Otkrytiy Mir, a non-profit organization for disabled children and their families (Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast)


Autonomous independent organization Amur Oblast’s Center for Social Support of Children with Disabilities and Health Limitations, and Members of their Families "Otkrytiy Mir".
The center has been providing social support, facilitating rehabilitation and adaptation of disabled children and children with health limitations, and of members of their families. Since the center’s inception in 2015, it has implemented a variety of mentorship projects and intensive speech therapy sessions, organized athletic clubs for children with special needs, held a regional adaptive swimming tournament, and created additional education opportunities for children with health limitations at the Central Children's School of Arts in Blagoveshchensk and at Amur Oblast’s Regional Children's Library.


This year’s festive event was held at Amur Oblast’s Regional Drama Theater. It included a reception for women raising disabled children and children with health limitations. The evening’s program featured live music, an official ceremony with festive greetings for the attending mothers from the event’s organizers and partners, presentation of a comedy show titled "Tetki (Aunties)" starring People's Artist of Russia Anna Lapteva and Amur Oblast’s Honored Artist Natalia Petrova. The show’s spectators were offered to have a group photo together with the members of the cast. After the show, all the mothers were invited to attend a festive banquet.


The 2020 festive event was hosted by Amur Oblast’s Daursky Local History Museum. When planning this event together with the organizers, we decided that it would be great to put together a diverse program combining several different formats to allow women to get distracted from their worries and redirect their attention to certain formats of events that might seem unusual for some of them, such as visiting a museum, admiring its collections, attending a specially organized lecture and witnessing a complete transformation of a heroine of their choice. We hope that all of the activities that took place during the holidays gave its participants a chance to have a true sense of relaxation and happiness for themselves and those around them.

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