SIBUR has been encouraging its employees' charitable initiatives seeking to address issues that are faced by local communities and socially disadvantaged groups, including gratuitous assistance to those in need, and efforts to protect the environment. Working together with SIBUR's corporate volunteers, experts of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program discuss available formats of assistance and help by supplying the needed materials and equipment.

Charitable campaign “A Helping Hand"

In the wake of 2019 summer freshets, tens of thousands of Irkutsk Oblast’s residents found themselves facing an extremely precarious survival situation, having lost literally overnight all sources of their livelihood, their homes or subsistence from their homesteads.

At the call of Natalya Faskhutdinova, Assistant to the General Director of Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant, SIBUR’s sites set up relief aid collection points on their grounds. The Formula Good Deeds’ containers for collecting clothing for people in need were repurposed for a new task. A sweeping information campaign was conducted to inform willing participants about the start of a relief effort to help collect clothing and other items for the inhabitants of the Oktyabrsky and Nizhneudinsk municipalities.


1 000 +

participating employees

2 tons

of groceries and prime necessities collected

Campaign’s geography:
  • BIAXPLEN (Balashikha)
  • Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant
  • Corporate Center (Moscow)
  • Business Service Center (Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Sibur-PETF (Tver)

"Our plant’s employees collected 358 kilograms of humanitarian aid. It's hard to tell whether that' s a lot or not. But we have once again been able to see how many kind and caring people there are working for our company including our senior executives, production personnel, and our office staff. There were some who donated money, and those who chose to buy groceries on their own or to bring other items. Knowing that your co-workers are ready to answer your silent call for HELP boosts your confidence and makes you a valuable contributor to initiatives as this one!"

Natalia Faskhutdinova,
Assistant to the General Director of Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant

«On behalf of the faculty of Oktyabrsky’s Secondary School No. 2 and on my personal behalf, I would like to express our sincere thanks for the humanitarian relief that we received in the wake of the flooding we suffered from at the Oktyabrsky municipality. We’d like to wish the entire SIBUR team the best of health, happiness, good fortune and prosperity.».

Yulia Rukusueva,
Principal of Oktyabrsky’s Secondary School No. 2

Charitable campaign “Big help for little creatures"

August 2020 saw SIBUR’s corporate volunteers on a mission to help stray animals set up special containers for collecting food and other necessities for homeless animals at SIBUR's sites and offices in Krasnodar, Tobolsk, and Tyumen.

Any employee can help animals by bringing their own donations to the designated "Help the Dogs and Cats" collection containers. As the containers get filled up, volunteers transfer the donations to their cities' animal shelters. To find out exactly what kind of help is needed in a given city, consult the information on the the containers or send an inquiry to the volunteer program

In Krasnodar, the container was set up on the second floor of the NIPIGAZ office next to the ATM. All collected items will be sent to the animals kept at the «Krasnodog» shelter. .

In Tobolsk, the container is located on the ground floor of ZapSibNeftekhim’s Administration Building 1. All collected items will be sent to the animals kept at the «Dog and Cat» and «The Right to Life» shelters.

In Tyumen, the container was placed inside the hallway on the 7th floor of the NIPIGAZ office right by the Trade Union's booth. All collected gifts will be sent to the animals kept at the. «Best friend» and «Murka and Vaska» shelters.