Cinema Youth, a cinematography camp for children, kicked off in Svobodny

29 june 2022

On June 26, Svobodny kicked off the second installment of Kinomolodost (Russian for Cinema Youth), a gratuitous cinematography camp for children and teenagers. The camp’s program was developed by Russia’s renowned filmmakers, producers and film celebrities. The project that is the brainchild of MEM.MEDIA is being implemented with the support of SIBUR as part of the latter’s social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds, and of START, an online movie theater.

The camp’s program included a meeting between the children participating in the camp and their mentors, also attended by officials from the city administration and by representatives of SIBUR, held at Svobodny’s Palace of Culture. Opening remarks addressed to the participants of the camp’s new session were delivered by: Oleg Dokashenko, Manager for Government Relations and Socio-Economic Projects at Amur GCC, Vitaly Bulygin, Head of Svobodny’s Department of Education, Nadezhda Dorgunova, Minister of Culture and National Policy of Amur Oblast, and Galina Tkachenko, Chair of the Public Council of AGPP and AGChC Projects. Denis Dorokhov, the poster boy of the project’s first season, comedian, and member of the cast of Once Upon a Time in Russia, and Alexander Martynov, the actor starring in the Univer TV series, greeted camp participants via a video link. Also in attendance at the meeting was another member of the cast of Once Upon a Time in Russia, Zaurbek Baitsaev, who will star in several of the aspiring film makers’ debut pieces.

This year we are launching the project’s second season and we note that an even greater number of children has joined our camp. It’s such a delight to see so many new fledgling filmmakers who really love cinema and want to make a career in this field. The Kinomolodost project does not only help bring out young talent. It also contributes to fostering the development of Russia’s film industry as a whole, Taimuraz Badziev, producer of Kholop (The Serf), Russia's highest–grossing film, noted.

After watching last season’s films, the project’s mentors and curators decided to offer the camp’s participants their first master class in a bid to help build filmmaking crews who would then go on to produce several short films.

Camp participants will be able to attend theoretical lectures delivered online and to do practical coursework offline under the guidance of their seasoned mentors. A professional film crew will arrive in the city of Svobodny later to help the students bring their ideas to fruition by assisting them in filming their graduation pieces. 
It is our pleasure to be involved in such a project as Kinomolodost. This is a great opportunity for these young people to try their hand at filmmaking, make new friendships and work on expanding their professional skills. It is indeed a true stroke of luck to be able come into a close contact with your dream job at such a young age as it can help you fulfil yourself and unlock your creative potential, the representative of SIBUR noted.

Being able to take part in the cinematography camp presents a unique chance for the forty young attendees from the city of Svobodny to try their hand at filmmaking and produce their very first movies from scratch. All the movies by the participants of the camp will be made available at the online START movie theater, with the best of the works to be later referred by the organizers to various film festivals in Russia and CIS countries.