SIBUR International employees took part in a charity run

24 may 2021

Early May saw SIBUR International employees take part in the 8th International Charity Run, the Wings for Life World Run. Volunteers from SIBUR’s offices in Vienna, Shanghai and Istanbul joined 184,236 other racers representing a total of 151 countries.

This event brough together thousands of people all over the world who decided to be a part of the run so that each of their steps would contribute to a common cause of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. This year’s run attracted a record number of participants who helped raise a total of €4.1 million.

Wings for Life is a non-profit foundation set up for the purpose of funding spinal cord research with the objective of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries and focusing on funding studies and clinical trials worldwide.

On behalf of the Formula for Good Deeds’ program team, we would like to thank SIBUR International’s volunteers for their contribution to the common charity cause: Anna Zakharova, Nadezhda Maximova, Veronika Puchkova, Tatiana Schwiker, Irina Aanestad (Vienna), Maria Voronkevich (Shanghai), Sergey Grebenev (Istanbul).

The next Wings for Life World Run is scheduled to take place on May 8, 2022. Registration for the race is already open for anyone who wishes to take part in it.