Moscow’s Art Theatre School and Studio performed in Svobodny

11 april 2023

Svobodny’s Palace of Culture recently hosted a tour by the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio. The city’s residents not only got to view the theater’s performances, but also attended a special exhibition of artworks by the theater’s artists. About 60 young individuals attended lectures and master classes given by the professors of the School and Studio and auditioned for admission to the School and Studio’s Acting Department. This project is being implemented with the support of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

The project "The Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio discovers new cities!" implemented jointly by the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio and SIBUR is aimed at developing a local culture scene in the cities where the company operates by providing opportunities for enjoying contemporary drama and by supporting promising young performers. The program of the theater’s touring performances in Svobodny featured several productions by the 4th year graduates of the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio’s Acting Department (representing Marina Brusnikina and Sergei Shchedrin’s workshops) including “The Iliad”, based on Homer's epic poem and “The Days of our Life”, based on a play written by Leonid Andreev. In the meantime, the theater’s lobby hosted an exhibition “Dialogue with the Classics” featuring works of art by the students of the School’s Scenography and Theatre Technology Department giving the shows’ spectators an opportunity to enjoy the exhibition while waiting for the main performance to start. In all, some 1,000 people attended the shows and the exhibition.

Professors of the School’s Production and Acting Departments as well as the Scenography and Theater Technology Department gave lectures, master classes and even held auditions for those wishing to be admitted to the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio attended by 30 aspiring actors. Following their auditions, three of the prospective students advanced to the second selection round to be held in Moscow in July later this year.

Igor Zolotovitsky, Rector of the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio:
This was a full-flung tour that offered out students an opportunity to really get a taste of their professions. Our spectators and younger people in particular got a chance to interact with our students and professors, to ask questions and get them answered, to think about the shows together. That is why we got involved in the Formula for Good Deeds program. People come here to get their impressions and stay for a discussion because they grow interested, they ask questions and maybe already perform good and kind deeds.

Nadezhda Dorgunova, Amur Oblast’s Minister of Culture:
I am very glad that this amazing, useful and needed project has come to fruition. Everyone who came to the shows, attended these lectures and master classes, had a chance to be touched by the art of theater and drama and perhaps some of them will go on to study at the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio!
We have a saying here: "The Amur is about love.” That's why with lots of love we are looking forward to hosting everyone in our city!

Gleb Fedotov, head of government relations practice at the Amur GCC:
culture is one of the most important area of focus for us. We are delighted that together with the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio we are able to present new recreational and development opportunities to the residents of the areas where SIBUR operates, as part of the Formula for Good Deeds program. I would like to express my thanks to the Moscow Art Theatre School and Studio and our city’s government. Without you, without your enthusiasm and professionalism none of this would have been possible. I have noticed how this experience has been changing the young attendees of theses lectures. This alone makes this really worth it!