Flower Fest and the Formula for Good Deeds presented Tobolsk with a new art object and a flower arrangement

25 june 2022

Although this was the first time Tobolsk hosted the Youth believes in miracles! festival, it will definitely become a new city tradition. The festive event that was organized with school leavers in mind gathered close to a hundred students from all schools in the city. It was not by pure chance that local teachers came with this idea of setting up a photo-shoot area complete with a flower arrangement on the grounds of School No. 7.

It's June, graduation exams are coming to an end marking this fine line where one transitions from childhood and into adulthood. So, we decided to capture this moment by using our photo zone. For our logo, we picked the drawing of a scarlet sail as a symbol of miracles our youngsters still believe in at this age. As for the photo zone, it was conceived of as a symbol of faith and hope for a happy future. Hence, the name of our festival, Anna Stennikova, principal at Secondary School No. 7, explained. The topic of environmental protection is becoming increasingly prominent on today’s agenda. So, we try to come up with interesting projects that do not just produce tangible benefits, but also carry a profound message. We have mulled this idea of turning our school into a blooming garden for quite a long time. In May, thanks to the efforts of our schoolchildren and their parents, we planted several flower beds. We have been joined by the students who focus on studying biology, this is their research ground. And on top of that, we now have this really beautiful flower arrangement.

Hanging petunias and cinerarias will bloom in literally just a couple of weeks turning the flowerbed into a sea of flowers that will be navigated through by a ship rigged with scarlet sails. The school’s council of ministers and its president, members of the parent-teacher association, and the school’s teachers all contributed to developing the project in a manifestation of tremendous joint effort. Starting next year, graduates of other schools of the city will be able to make their recommendations for further refinement of the project.

As this is where our Graduates’ Square is located, we decided to erect an art object here that would blend naturally with the general atmosphere of the area while making sure that our school leavers can always count on perfect photographic mementos that will be ingrained in their memories forever, Ekaterina Utkina, a history teacher at Secondary School No. 7, noted.

It is important to preserve one’s memories of the years spent at school, to document the very last days of the graduating year separating childhood from adulthood. The reason the Flower Fest is such a great project is because today's graduates who planted these flowers will be able to come here in the future and reminisce about these precious days. This by itself is worth a lot, Angelika Dudina, a graduate of the N. D. Litzman Gymnasium, commented

The art object is not just yet another city landmark, it serves as a link between childhood and adulthood. On top of it all, informal festivals such as this help draw teachers and schoolchildren closer together.

Today, we, together with our graduates, have a unique opportunity of being able to come in touch with this oeuvre, brought to life through the initiative of the team at School No. 7. And, of course, I am extremely grateful to SIBUR for their support of all these projects that arise in the field of education. You can rest assured that we are committed to implementing them with all of our vigor, Natalia Belysheva, Director Tobolsk ‘s Department of Education, noted.

At this juncture, it is especially gratifying to see projects that are sustainable. This festival is on its way to becoming yet another one of our city’s good traditions, Dzhamilya Akhmatova, a leading specialist with ZapSibNeftekhim LLC’s Department of Government Relations and Socio-Economic Projects, said.

Tobolsk’s teachers are not going to rest on their laurels. They’ve already embarked on developing a new project for the coming year. It could involve plans to build a new garden, code-named The ABC of Plants, on the grounds of School No. 7 to feature a long A-to-Z list of flowers and plants species.