SIBUR Dance Fest

Significant statistics
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This project was under implementation from 2017 through 2019 in the cities of Tobolsk and Nizhnevartovsk. Its aim was to foster development of the dance culture in the cities where the company has a presence. The project won Russian Sponsorship Awards 2016 and came second in Eventiada IPRA Golden World Awards 2017 in the Best Project to Promote Healthy Living category.

The Festival’s Program

Under the project, its participants took part in several master classes taking dancing lessons from the residents of SIBUR Dance Fest, as well as participants of the Dancing on TNT TV show. Their trainers also acted in the capacity of members of the jury at dance battles where dancer competed for the right to get to the finals.

Star trainers

Engaging with the younger generation

One of SIBUR Dance Fest’s ambitions is to show young people that tenacity and self-improvement can go a long way to really help one achieve a lot in life. The project’s trainers/mentors conducted motivational classes and met with the cities’ youths, and even engaged them as volunteers to support some of the festival’s events.

Master classes

Winners of SIBUR Dance Fest in 2017–2019

The names of the project’s winners were announced at the festival’s final gala concert featuring finalists and participants of Dancing on TNT, as well as the city’s own top dancers.
Winner of 2017 SIBUR Dance Fest
Elina Teymurova
Winner of 2018 SIBUR Dance Fest
Ekaterina Boyko
Winner of 2019 SIBUR Dance Fest
Ekaterina Khodykina

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