Nation-wide charitable event "Under the Flag of Kindness!”

Significant statistics
pop stars and sports celebrities involved in the project
RUB 27,9 million
for treating sick children raised during charitable games
soccer matches
As part of this campaign conducted with SIBUR’s support, charitable soccer matches are held featuring sports and showbiz stars. All funds thus raised are then donated to treat children in need of expensive medical interventions.

Games played in 2015 through 2017

In 2015-2017, charitable games took place in six of the cities where SIBUR operates: Dzerzhinsk, Kstovo, Moscow, Svobodny, Tobolsk, and Tomsk. Each game was complemented by a press conference and a gala concert. The match in Moscow was attended by then Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich.

Games played in 2018

In 2018, three charitable soccer matches took place in Tobolsk, Blagoveshchensk, and Moscow. This resulted in more than 400 children from 19 regions being able to get charitable assistance.

A game played in 2019

One charitable event took place in Kstovo, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast. It included a soccer match, a concert, and a fundraising function for helping sick children. The money that was raised as a result was used to treat one child with cancer and two children suffering from impairment of their central nervous system.

Games in 2021

Nizhnevartovsk and Moscow hosted a series of charity performances that attracted a total of over 5,000 spectators. The benefit in Nizhnevartovsk included a charity soccer match and a concert given by pop stars. The list of star performers at the event was topped by Honored Artist of Russia Victor Zinchuk, TV host Mikhail Grebenshchikov, Sergey Krylov, Alexander Shevchenko, Valery Yarushin and other artists. The benefit also featured celebrity athletes, including Olympic high jump champion Andrey Silnov, Marat Mahmutov, FC Starko coach and a veteran soccer player (FC Torpedo, Rubin, Saturn), Alexey Prudnikov, a former FC Spartak goalkeeper and the winner of the 1988 Olympics, as well as Grigory Tvaltvadze, a sports commentator for the Rossiya TV channel. All proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to charity, including 300,000 rubles for targeted treatment of gravely ill children in Nizhnevartovsk. In addition, 1,000,000 rubles were transferred to Professor G.V. Gonchakov's Institute of Congenital Maxillofacial Diseases.

Moscow became the venue for a friendly soccer game between a team of doctors from the city's healthcare organizations and the "Rosich-Starko" team made up of amous artists and performers including Dmitry Malikov, a popular singer and Honored Artist of Russia, and actor Dmitry Kharatyan, a celebrated representative of the field of culture.

Games in 2022

Two сharity football matches and concerts were held in Tomsk and Strezhevoy (Tomsk region) for over 15,000 spectators. 1,300,000 rubles were raised for targeted treatment of children in the Tomsk region.

Для воспитанников дворовых клубов и детской спортивной школы по футболу «Нефтехимик» на стадионе Нижнекамска прошли мастер-классы от профессиональных спортсменов, звездная команда «Старко» и сборная команда Нижнекамска сыграли товарищеский футбольный матч, после которого музыканты дали живой концерт. Мероприятие собрало более 5 000 участников, включая зрителей. По итогам было собрано 300 000 рублей на адресное лечение детей Нижнекамска.