Good Football

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This project was implemented with SIBUR’s support in 2017 and 2018. Its goal was to promote sports among children and youths, and to help develop regional athletic organizations.

The Tournament Program

The tournament’s program included qualifying rounds in Tobolsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Dzerzhinsk, and Blagoveshchensk, followed by the final meet of four best teams from the four cities, held in Tobolsk. Several members of the Moscow Panel of Referees took part in refereeing the tournament. The list of guests of honor included Russian celebrity football players.
Qualifying rounds in the 4 cities
Each city fielded 4 to 6 teams representing their sports schools to take part in the qualifying matches
The final tournament in Tobolsk
Tobolsk hosted a group of 45 players, 6 coaches, and 3 representatives of local football associations
Training of coaches
Coaches from the participating cities received training that followed the program of the Championica Football Center

Community Building

To ensure that competing teams are properly rooted for, each city set up its own fan committees dubbed FootComs. FootComs were in competition with each other to see who is better at supporting their teams. FootComs’ leaders attended a leadership and design-skills training class in Moscow. In 2017, the FootCom from Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan) came on top in the competition of FootComs. Following that the city ran a free football school delivered by Championica, the project’s partner. 2018 saw Nizhnevartovsk’s FootCom win the competition, with its team being awarded a grant for implementing a dream project to upgrade the beach on Lake Komsomolskoye.

The project’s special guests included

Evgeny Aldonin
Russian football player, midfielder, Merited Master of Sport of Russia.
Dmitry Bulykin
Russian football player, forward, public figure.
Roman Shirokov
Russian football player, Merited Master of Sport of Russia, medal winner at national and European championships.

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