I Love Chemistry

Significant statistics
participating school students
The I Love Chemistry Program was implemented with SIBUR’s support in 2015 thorugh 2016 with the idea of making chemistry education more popular among schoolchildren and providing chemistry teachers with needed methodological support.

Master classes, workshops, and interactive studies

Over a two-day program, school students of varying ages with a keen interest in chemistry, along with students enrolled in specialized study programs with a focus on chemical technologies, and their teachers, spent their time interacting with noted Russian experts in the chemistry field, and attending advanced interactive classes.

Chemists’ Clues: an interactive show for school students

Together with the show’s emcee Lyubov Strelnikova, the students investigated and solved many of history’s chemistry-related riddles: “How to use prison food to break out of jail”, or “What did Napoleon die of?”, etc. To reinforce their learning, students were encouraged to assist scientists in conducting their chemistry experiments. They also learned about how chemistry is used in contemporary art.

The All-Russian Conference of Chemistry Teachers

With SIBUR’s support, the best teachers from local regional schools spent a week associating with experts from all over Russia to exchange best practices in a search for new pathways to teaching chemistry.

2016 saw the publication of 5,000 copies of Lyubov N. Strelnikova’s book “What Is Everything Made Of? Tales About Matter”. The books were distributed among municipal and school libraries and presented to children of the company’s employees.