The SIBUR Generation

Significant statistics
SIBUR’s support was instrumental in giving senior grade students from 11 cities an opportunity to realize their true potential, learn more about the petrochemical industry, develop and present their innovative projects, and achieve synergy from their interactions with professional speakers and talented peers.

Educational program

As part of the project, senior school students were provided with an opportunity to take part in an extensive educational program that included two classes on team building and effective presentation skills, four master classes focusing on various areas of the petrochemical industry, and an assignment to develop and present their own projects.
Amongst the programs’ speakers were experts from SIBUR Holding and top academics from the country’s leading universities with a focus on petrochemistry.

Feedback about the Project

«Thanks to the SIBUR Generation Contest the participants were empowered to experience what it is like being a part of a large company, and were able to team up to deal with pressing operational challenges, while channeling their creativity into exciting engineering projects. All of this should surely help them decide what their future profession is going to be», Pavel Romanenko, Production Director at SIBUR’s Blagoveshchensk production site, commented.

«What sets the entire project apart are the relevance of the topics brought up here, the degree of promise the participants’ development products seem to hold, their earnest attitude, and the constructive feedback they are getting from SIBUR’s management. The participants were really given a chance to get intimately familiar with the subject matter. The range of topics that were brough up is quite impressive: greater environmental responsibility, robotics, development of new materials, improving operational efficiency. All of these were really well thought out and contained the beginnings of future ready-to-be-launched projects», noted Dmitry Kotov, Doctor of Economics, Professor with the Department of Economics and Management at Oil and Gas