Science Sessions

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Science Sessions is a school day camp featuring an educational program which aims to popularize natural and exact sciences, and to improve teachers’ competencies and level of professional development. SIBUR has been supporting the project since 2017.

How do Science Sessions work

The project is structured in such a way so as to let the students act as active participants in the whole process: they perform complex experiments, assemble experimental setups, and create scientific artifacts on their own. The program of Science Sessions includes seven areas: Chemistry, Physics, Robotics, Blogging, Gadgets, Building Cities, and Ingenious Engineers. Partnerships with the city's departments and offices of education play an important role in facilitating these Science Sessions. 

In 2020, the pandemic pushed the project into an online mode. Students were forced to complete the sessions’ program using the format of video lessons, while interacting with teachers and presenters, assembling their own devices, and sharing the results of their work with each other. Based on the positive feedback we received, both the students and their parents found the project to be quite fascinating. 

Working with teachers and students from relevant universities

As part of the program, teachers have been learning experimental teaching methods designed to unlock the students' potential. In 2019, 16 teachers of chemistry and physics, 40 teaching assistants, and 24 teachers of physics and robotics attended the Science Sessions.