Zelionaya Kistochka (The Green Brush)

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cities of Russia
SIBUR has been providing its support to an initiative called Zelionaya Kistochka (Green Brush), an early career counseling project intended for school students. The project strives to build a foundation for training the next generation of environmental protection engineers, geologists, and HSE experts. By virtue of participating in Zelionaya Kistochka, the students will learn to develop a responsible attitude toward their environment and will be taught how to understand and appreciate safety, both their own and that of the other people around them. The project creates an opportunity for children and teenagers, including those from low-income and large families, as well as from families with children with disabilities, to learn firsthand about the most in-demand occupations of the future and how to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. The project involves more than 60 volunteers including professional conservation experts, geologists, and HSE specialists.
In 2021, SIBUR supported the so-called Green Roll-Calls that will be held in Blagoveshchensk (Republic of Bashkortostan), Dzerzhinsk, Kstovo, Svobodny, Tobolsk, and Tomsk.