Significant statistics
tons of plastic waste got through recycling
> 1 300
tons of plastic waste got through recycling
urban improvement features installed
The project involves building an infrastructure for collecting plastic waste with a view to using the collected feedstock materials for constructing benches and garbage cans for urban landscaping purposes. The project was first sponsored by SIBUR in 2022.
The project’s 2022 edition took place in four cities: Perm, Kstovo, Svobodny, and Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast). These cities hosted campaigns to collect and recycle throwaway plastic bags to be later used for making park benches and garbage cans, as well as for building an outdoor stage as a venue for celebrating Kstovo's 65th anniversary. More than three million plastic bags were used as the feedstock material for producing these new urban features. In addition, a whole series of eco-campaigns has been conducted including plastic waste collection campaigns for recycling, environmental awareness events and contests, and a launch of a production facility in Amur Oblast’s Blagoveshchensk to manufacture various products out of recycled waste.