В рамках проекта создается инфраструктура для сбора пластика, а затем из собранного сырья будут изготовлены лавочки и урны для благоустройства городов. В 2022 году проект реализуется на территории Перми, Кстова, Свободного и Благовещенска Амурской области
The project that is amalgamating environmental protection and urban landscaping seeks to demonstrate how recycled plastic can get a second lease on life by being converted into useful items including new benches and trash cans produced out of recycled plastic to be installed in parks and squares of Perm, Blagoveshchensk and Svobodny. It takes 4 to 5 thousand plastic bags to make one bench. Instead of ending up at a landfill, these items will become useful again. Anyone who takes part in collecting plastic waste will have a chance to become one of the co-authors of the cities’ landscaping features. Maps with the collection points’ addresses as well as recommendations on how to properly collect and sort waste are available on the project’s pages on such social networks as VKontakte and Telegram. The RE-FORMA project is being implemented with the support of Perm Oblast’s Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Landscaping, Perm’s City Administration, the Government of Amur Oblast, and GBU ECOLOGY.