Clean Games

Significant statistics
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Clean Games is an environmental education project. Its mission is to offer people an opportunity to see, through the lens of a game, the extent of problems caused by environmental pollution, and to attract additional public attention to environmental issues. In 2019, SIBUR supported these games in three cities; in 2021, the project will continue in six cities.


185 Perm residents took part in Clean Games, a trash collection and waste sorting competition. In the hour and a half that the game lasted, they collected 338 bags of garbage, including 161 bags of mixed waste, 102 bags of glass waste, 70 bags of plastic bottles, 5 bags of scrap metal, as well as 41 batteries, and about 20 car tires (classified as hazardous waste). After the game, the trash was dumped at a landfill, while the recyclables (plastic, metal, glass and tires) were sent for recycling. Large-capacity power banks, trampoline center certificates and certificates to attend a quest were awarded to the competition’s winners.


On September 21, 2019, Tomsk State University’s Siberian Botanical Garden hosted an event titled Clean Games in Tomsk. A total of 164 people (split up into 43 teams) and 12 volunteers took part in the event. During the game, its participants collected 289 bags of garbage weighing a total of 1.739 tons, including 131 bags of plastics, 80 bags of mixed garbage, 64 bags of glass, 14 bags of metal scrap, as well as bulky garbage items.

Blagoveshchensk (Amur Oblast)

In Blagoveshchensk, Clean Games, a garbage collection and waste sorting competition, brought together 97 participants, including 4 students from China and 10 volunteers. Despite the rain with stormy gales of wind that hit the city during the team’s registration, the quest still went on. In one hour and 30 minutes, the game’s participants collected 170 bags of mixed waste, as well as 30 batteries (designated as hazardous waste). After the game, the trash was sent to the landfill whereas the batteries were dropped off at a battery collection point.

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