The Urals Industrial Biennale

Significant statistics
exhibition visitors in Tyumen and Tobolsk
attendees of mediation tours
participants of the educational program
The Urals Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art was conducted in 2019 with the support of SIBUR. In the fall of 2021, Tobolsk and Tyumen will host the Biennale again. This will include meetings and master classes by Russian and foreign artists, tours, lectures, and presentations.

The “Nothing Is What It Seems" exhibition

Using the language of contemporary art, the "Nothing Is What It Seems" exhibition held in Tyumen showed the viewers what reality can be like beyond our conventional perceptions. For the duration of the exhibition, the fourth floor of the Slovtsov Museum Complex was converted into an art laboratory for exploring modern mythologies. More than 30 artists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Nizhny Tagil, and other regions of Russia illustrated current myths in their works of art.

The project also prominently featured works of art by local artists which they used to depict local myths. Eight artists from Tyumen, pre-selected in the course of portfolio reviews, presented their individual and collective projects, from personal pieces of art to the so-called total installations.

Educational program

2019 saw an educational program being held in collaboration with the SAS School of Advanced Studies, a new research and education division of Tyumen State University. Eight lectures taught by major Russian and international keepers of contemporary humanitarian knowledge placed the Biennale’s special project and its Tyumen viewers in the context of relevant trends associated with the reconceptualization of the reality around us.

An Art Mediation Program

The Tyumen project made use of art mediation as an innovative way of presenting the Urals Biennale’s famous exhibition to the viewers. The mediation program’s curator delivered two two-day mediator training seminars in Tyumen. The end result included mediation tours by the museum’s staff members and by SAS students, held throughout the duration of the exhibition.

The Art Residence program

Under the Art Residence program, artists have been creating projects inspired by the history of a particular place or a partnering company, or by the local community. Tobolsk issued an invitation to an anonymous artist known under the pseudonym of Krasil Makar, a participant of many international exhibitions and one of the first residents of the Garage museum’s art workshops in Moscow, to take part in the program. Krasil Makar follows the traditions of the Ural-Siberian painting style that was lost at the beginning of the previous century. In 2019, Tobolsk hosted an exhibition titled Krasil Makar: An Artist's Story As Told by Himself, which was attended by 987 visitors. 156 people took part in a public program.

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