Kino Molodost (Youth Cinema)

SIBUR has been supporting a project designed to teach children and teenagers fundamental professional skills needed to work in the film industry.

Kino Molodost features educational online courses and face-to-face sessions that will help children and teenagers learn how to create high-quality video content and shoot their first films. Training will primarily focus on three key areas: directing, screenwriting, and camerawork. The project’s organizers will be providing participants with the equipment needed to shoot their final creative pieces that they will be offered to rent at no cost.

Kino Molodost will help discover and develop new talents that will go on to build strong creative communities of their own. Thanks to this project, children and teenagers will be given an opportunity to showcase life in their cities to the whole country through the language of cinema. The project targets, among others, children who are residents of orphanages and for whom this will be an opportunity to acquire much sought-after skills and to gain recognition.