Kino Molodost (Youth Cinema)

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Kinomolodost (Cinema Youth) is a free filmmaking camp for children and teenagers that follows a curriculum put together by the masters of contemporary video production and celebrated representatives of Russia’s film industry. The project’s first season the took place in 2021 in Kstovo. Its second season - in Svobodny in 2022
In 2021, SIBUR and MEM.Media collaborated on a joint project to teach children and teenagers the basics of professional skills needed in the film industry. Over a period of three months, 35 project participants were mastering the skills of directing, scriptwriting, and camerawork. The class included residents of Kstovo’s Aliye Parusa (Scarlet Sails) Children's Center. The project’s training curriculum was very rigorous consisting of 96 high-intensity lessons and 24 hours of filming. Seasoned professionals representing different filmmaking domains acted as the course’s instructors.
As part of their training, the students made five short films representing different film genres, ranging from a comedy to a thriller. The scripts for the films were also written by the participants of the Kinomolodost project. The budding actors who acted in the films of their own making were joined by two celebrated Russian actors Stas Yarushin and Denis Dorokhov.

Three of the five films produced as part of the Kinomoldost project were submitted to participate in several international film festivals including the New York Int'l Children's Film Festival, the International Children's Film Festival India, the Golden Elephant, Billy The Kid Film Festival, the Sunny Island, Children’s Peter KiT, and the Cannes Film Festival.

At the end of the training program, limited-audience film screenings were held in Kstovo in October 2021. The project’s participants were welcomed via video link by famous representatives of the Russian film industry including Klim Shipenko, Aglaiya Tarasova, Azamat Musagaliev, Elena Valyushkina, and Andrey Gaidulyan.

Kstovo’s Ekaterina Leneva, a participant of the project’s 2021 edition, ended up winning a top prize at the Dream International Film Festival. Her film Fedka Kuplenny won the first prize and she was presented with the festival’s Grand Prix. Ekaterina was also issued a certificate entitling her to study filmmaking at one of Moscow-based top film schools.

Films by the project’s participants

Links to trailers of the short films produced by the participants of the Kinomolodost project:
In 2022, following a rigorous selection process, 39 children from Svobodny received a chance to get acquainted with cinematic careers. Over the 3-month course, the students took part in 96 intensive training sessions and spent about 90 hours doing hands-on filmmaking. This helped produce five short films. All the works of the course’s participants can be viewed online on web-cinema START, with the best of them selected to be referred to several Russian and CIS film contests.