The Dynamic Fellows Ensemble

Significant statistics
> 6 000
members of ensemble
Тhe ensemble includes boys and girls aged 5 through 18 years. The Dynamic Fellows have been active participants of festive events and concerts, and taken part in charitable functions. The band's art serves to promote healthy habits, to educate children and youths in the spirit of high morals and proper aesthetic taste, and to help them fulfill their creative aspirations.
The 2019 show in Sochi was featured as part of the program of a special session at the Sirius Educational Center organized for the winners of SIBUR’s Grant contest, whereas the ensemble’s performance in Moscow was held as part of the Dad, Mom, and I Are one Athletic Family festive event attended by the company's employees and their children.

With support from SIBUR, in 2021 the band gave an online New Year's Eve concert, a charity performance, and made an appearance at SIBUR's VolunTime volunteering forum.

In 2022, the band was invited to perform at the Cinema.Music.Sport festival. The project also included a music contest titled In Sync with the City, and an eponymous musical show. The band was featured in a We Are Dynamic documentary that opened with a performance given by the band itself and a host of celebrity guests. The band’s members were able to attend a master class given by Anita Tsoi. Well over 5,000 spectators took part in the events held within the project’s framework.

2023 saw 10 physically challenged minors perform on stage as part of the For Sport! For Life! gala concert organized in cooperation with the Dynamic Fellows band as part of the We Are Stronger When We Help project. The concert drew some 1,000 spectators. 

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