The Iconic Place Festival

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The Iconic Place Festival is designed to get city residents involved in reconceptualizing their urban environment and in sharing their experience and knowledge with art practitioners across different fields of art in order to trigger the development of creative initiatives and positive transformations in their city
The very first Iconic Place Festival was held in 2021 (as part of the Art Formula project) and it drew over 500 participants. Participation in creative master classes was open to all. Everyone could try his or her hand at painting on skateboards or making prints on items of clothing, at graffiti, calligraphy, or portrait drawing. Anna Velenskaya, a music scholar, author and presenter of popular music lectures on YouTube, gave a lecture on music and its influence on people. The festival featured a service that became known as “SIBUR post”: everyone could take a branded festival postcard and mail it to any part of Russia. There was also an exhibition of artworks by artists who took part in conducting the festival’s workshops.
The 2022 festival’s program included master classes on customizing totes, crafting and styling kokoshniks, gilding and penmanship, as well as interactive performances dedicated to painting on art objects, and shows by local artistic teams, including EtnoZapiL and CANTADORA bands, the event's headliners. The festival featured a lecture hall where visitors could listen to N.M. Kalashnikova, a Professor of Cultural Studies from the Russian Ethnography Museum discussing the origins and history of the folk dress, various kinds of print patterns on fabrics, and the changes made to the ancient Russian dress over time.